I have a occipital neuralgia going on, r sided, started right after MRI/MRA on Aug. 8, 2011, prior to the diagnosis of my Aneurysm. My head was not positioned right in the MRI machine, I asked to be taken out, and was told NO, we would have to start again. That is one source of headaches. Of course, nobody believes that is where, the trauma to the occipital area started, so be it, then I had coil embo, on 10/11/11 and have had pressure behind my eyes and a constant nagging awful headache, that just makes me tired.

I have seen 3 neuologists, and 3 pain specialists. They schedule you appointments weeks or months away, what good is that? Take meds, do not take meds. I don't function well w/this headache/so now I am on noritryptiline 50 mg. I had a steroid injection at MGH once, where it worked for about 4 wks. Interviewed 2 other pain specialists, nobody offers me a solution, I am different and I am in pain everyday. I find it frustrating that you call a neurologist to help you and you get a 5 min answering machine, message, on instructions, and no phone call for 4-5 days, then an appointment made for weeks later. YOU can have injections, you cannot. YOU can/YOU cannot, I am confused and tired.

Really, if I had know this I probably wouldn't have done the surgery. My ANNIE was extremely calcified, I had no symptoms, nor did I have this word search thing going on, but its the headaches. I am told if you take pain meds you will have re-bounding headaches, if I don't I find it hard to function, its weight in my head, it hurts, and it is frustrating.

I don't know what to do next. I am starting to look at headache clinics, around the Boston Area, besides the above issues, it is also expensive to go here, go there, several times, w/parking, co payment, etc. I tell ppl I have a headache, and I need to go home, ice packs, etc., and the responses vary.



I am so sorry you have having such an awful time as of late. I had the PED so I am unable to comment re the coiling. I am so sorry and I feel your frustration.

I have been on pain medications for quite a long time and I posted not too long ago (maybe around a month) regarding rebound headaches which literally put me down, in bed for almost a month straight. The rebound headaches, they tell me, mimic migraines (which I've never had in my life) and are totally dibiliating.

If you'd like, please go back a few pages in the forum and read my post on rebound headaches. I would not wish them on even my worst enemy, as I said they put me down hard.

I will keep you in my prayers and hope that you are able to get this under control.