Occipital neuralgia


Has anyone experienced burning or stabbing headaches? I was told that I have what sounds like occipital neuralgia. I am not sure what I am being injected with but I am currently getting a shot of a nerve blocker to the back base of my skull into my occipital nerve (right nerve has been done.) I have severe burning that starts at the base of my skull and goes up and over to my forehead. My first shot in my hip took the edge off but still had constant burning (mild to moderate.) So I asked for the shot that went into the nerve directly. I am still having mild to moderate burning however I go in on friday for the other occipital nerve to get its shot. Crossing fingers that getting shots to both nerves will get rid of the burning and stabbing. WIth that said I still have the constant pressure headache and migraines.


Hi VJ...please keep us posted and updated...when I get the migraines, my come with stabbing pain in the back of my neck and up through my head...the worse since being coiled...I have a right eye that has constant stabbing through it...and wonder if it is the same nerve...seeing my neurologist next week about it...~ Colleen

VJ...what shots are you being given?

I know some have had Botox....


Hi Jo,

The injections you mentioned above, is that a formulation that is different then Botox. My wife will be seeing her Neurologist in two weeks and we need to find some sort of pain relief and I want to be prepared to ask concise questions. Thanks for any leads.



Never mind, I answered my own question and I don't like what I found about Occipital Neuralgia but the symptoms seem consistent with what my wife is experiencing over the last couple months and seem different then her other migraines. I do hope your treatment brings you relief.


It is not botox. it is a nerve blocker however I keep forgetting to ask whats actually in it.

Yes. They are 2 different types of headaches. Occipital neuralgia is when the occipital nerves are compressed, pinched, or irritated in some way. THe headaches can be described as pinching, stabbing, and or burning feeling from the base of the skull going up and over to the front of ur eyes. I get the stabbing and burning feeling. It literally feels like something inside is stabbing me. The stabbing comes and goes and only lasts for a few seconds to a few minutes however the burning omg the burning. My head literally feels like it is on fire. I wanna stick it in the ice box! If my head is on fire and I have to go outside oh I wanna cry the heat intensifies it!!! I live in Arizona so not been out much in the heat unless I am in a quick dip in the pool with the kids n hubby. I also have the normal migraines that are expected from an aneurysm. I believe these shots only work for my occipital neuralgia. Please also note I did not have this before I had my aneurysm.

Hi Colleen, I would ask your neurologist. I am still not sure if it is gonna work but keeping my fingers crossed.


yes they r 2 completely different things. I had what Jo describes. A steroid and analgesics (mild pain reliever to help with pain from the needle insertion.

Yes, the heat does intensify this secondary headache - how cruel, having a migraine and this possible neuralgia simultaneously as she's had the last few days. This all started with a exposure to an antitheft alarm as she was walking into a retail store mining her own business. Now even a stove cooling down or exposure to strobe lights excites the neuralgia. I hope her Neurologist can do the injection otherwise an outpatient expense is in our future. Thanks for your advice.

I am getting mine done at my pcp so i don't have to pay the specialist copay.... My new pcp made me feel comfortable enough that he was capable of giving it to me so I let him do it.

I had 2 migrains prior to sah but there was no stabbing type- mine were constant pain with light and sound sensitivity. I wonder if these were migrains or were they small bleeds or warnings? Colleens sounds more like occipital neuralgia from what im reading on web md. keeping you all in thoughts and prayers~~~

!st shot took it from severe the burning to mild/moderate. 2nd shot took it to barely mild and now the pressure headache has taken over :( Outside heat or heat from the oven still bring the burning back though. SO all I did was trade one headache for another :'( Oh and now I am extremely tired. slept for 11 hrs was up for 2 1/2 slept for another 4 hrs and I am still tired. This new me SUCKS.

My wife had her Neurology appointment today and unfortunately, the Doctor didn't disagree with our suggestion of Occipital Neuralgia. He offered to set up a injection of steroids and lidocaine with another specialist. We deferred to wait just a bit longer (I guess until it gets intolerable for her and I don't know how she's not there yet). You are so right about the heat from the oven, even a hot pan after I cook our meals on an outside grill and it has cooled. How we know so little about the brain and central nervous system is beyond me.

Hi Ed,

I am sorry to hear that. Hope and pray your wife feels better. I waited until I couldn't take it anymore b4 I asked for the hip shot. I forgot to mention I am also breaking out really bad and have the sweats which are side effects from the shots.


Well it doesn't work :'( I got a bill from the dentist and tried to figure out why I am being billed as they had already did the preauth before they performed anything and I paid my portion. Getting frustrated as this use to be very easy to me and now it is like reading a foreign language. My head is on FIRE!