Headaches with weather changes

Any other clipping survivors getting headaches with low pressure weather systems? They are horrible. I guess it is from the metal in my head! I know some people have metal removed from their legs/arms etc b/c the pain is so bad when the weather changes....I don't think removing my titanium burr hole cover is an option :-)



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This is so true… I live in Florida and all this crazy weather is driving me nuts…I guess it’s our own personal barometers:) In the AM I know if its raining before I open my eyes…

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I have severe migranes and I can tell when the barometer rises my headaches get really bad

I agree. I have had more headaches the last few weeks than I have had in a year!

My neurosurgeon informed me that the weather and pressure can affect your head (having headaches)-so this is true.


We knew for 16 years after a SAH clipping that weather began causing severe migraines in my wife. She's in the middle of a 3 day banger right now. You may also find there are other sources than weather to initiate your migraines. I assume you had a cranitomy. Is your bone flap held in place with surgery stainless steel wire or titanium screw plates? I would appreciate you letting me know this info. We are meeting with a east coast Headache Center next week and your help and info can help everyone with this condition. Thank you Shelly


You have a tremendous neuro to have expressed / explained this...



You are magnificent for being so involved after 16 years...cherish you...

I had coils / stents...and the stents are titanium...and, they all can vary in volume of metal / meds...

Soo hope you will provide info after your upcoming meeting...


Yes, I have titanium screws and burr hole cover. All titanium-no steel. I had to have my mesh plate removed after it came unscrewed and migrated around in my head tearing my jaw muscle and pressing into my eye (ouch!!!). But, the plates and screws that are all left in are titanium. When they went in for the second time to remove the loose mesh, they were able to remove one other small plate as my bone was healing nicely-so I am lucky to have a little less metal in my head than other people that have had the same procedure (craniotomy and clipping). At the expense of a SECOND craniotomy! BUT, I am still getting the headaches with weather changes. I hope your wife feels better soon. Has she tried magnesium and b vitamins? There are some natural ways to help prevent the migraines. I am starting some now as a preventative. I am a pharmacist so I have to test out these things :-).

I am yet again amazed that it took me 13 years to find this site! I thought I was going crazy for almost a year after my clipping. The pressure was intense at times and I felt “off”. Someone else mentioned having your own barometer…I called myself the human barometer. On the up side, I always knew when to carry an umbrella. Not that it made much difference, I already had bad hair. I hope it gets better for you as it did for me. I will be three years post clipping in April and can’t recall the last time it bothered me. Stay positive.

Its so true ! I hate the winter and spring. My worse time.

Just saw these posts and good to know I am not going crazy. I have a coiling behind my right eye on my ophthalmic artery and these past few weeks, for the first time ever, I am sensing recessed pain in that very area...along with occasional pain/pressure in my right head. Gets me paranoid thinking something could have shifted and that something is looming, but we have had lots of pressure and weather changes in my area of late....and I couldn't help but wonder if that could be a cause. It's been 2 years since my coiling...ready for my anxiety to fade for good, though I am sure it never really will.

I have coiling and stent and I also get headaches due to weather changes. Mine will ache in the area that I had the annie. Glad its just not me. Deb

I'm a coiling survivor and the low pressure causes serious headaches. I'm a good barameter. ha


Hi Shelly,

My wife has tried numerous medications and vitamins. The most immediate relief comes from Zofran and maxalt melt 10 mg. EEG Neurofeedback has made the most outstanding changes in her migraines. What is interesting about this type of treatment is that it is almost the inverse of what causes her migraines - certain unnatural low frequency electrical waves from electrical devices. While you have titanium devices, it is important for you and other patients to know that as a metal alloy titanium formulation cannot entirely eliminate magnetic material that makes up titanium. While magnetic material is substantially reduced and almost unmeasurable by most detection devices, the human brain (neuron and central nervous system) is much more sensitive as a detection device and so the human system interprets any magnetic interactions (actually a electrical field) as pain. Unfortunately once the pain is detected by the nervous system (the cortical depression sequence aka migraine), the time to consume the right combination of medications is super short usually minutes. EEG Neurofeedback has actually retrained her neuronal response to stimuli and in some cases negates the need for medication - it's truly amazing to see this response after 20 years of migraine pain.

You're probably wondering how all this relates to weather change headaches. This is a more complex answer but for now I'll simplify it by suggesting that medical and meteorology researchers have overlooked basic physics principles as it relates to electric field generation.


I have coils also and weather is a problem for me too. Rain, sleet, snow, cloudy days too. It’s horrible neurologist says they won’t go away so we take meds to manage them but the meds make me sleep for a couple of days.

Any kind of cold or Crappy weather…ugh!

So is there anything that helps with these headaches? I have these so bad that I can not function plus it doesn’t help that the pressure also makes the nerve damage in my foot an leg hurt a lot of well. I hurt so bad when it rains :disappointed_relieved: any advice helps.

I don’t have an annie but I have chronic migraines that are triggered by weather. Unfortunately there’s no such thing as no weather. Your best bet is going to probably be management through medication.

I know one of the best tricks for migraines is to hit it with medication the second you feel the “tickle” of migraine starting. With 30 years of migraines behind me I sometimes medicate ahead of storm before I even feel any reaction to it.

I assume with an annie you need some sort of anti-inflammatory as barometric changes often cause swelling in the body. And, of course, some sort of pain med to get through the worst of it.

I also have nerve damage in my arm from ongoing lymph edema, I have found the medication gabapentin to be of great help with nerve damage pain (and yes, my arm can hurt in the rain, very annoying).


I have titanium plates/screws. I’m not sure if the science behind the issue, but there is definitely pain and migraine activity with increased humidity and heat.

When it’s cold, there can be a different type of pain that’s more localized to the surgical scar, skull, and plate area. That would be a good name for a pirate restaurant-“the skull and plate.”