Headaches and vision problems

Hello my name is Marie and I have posted here a few years ago because I have three aneurysms which are small as of last October one was 4-5mm and the others 3mm I was told to wait and watch. I live in Alaska and I'm 350 miles away from the nearest Neurosurgeon as of last Friday I have had a real bad headache very sensitive to light the sides of my neck hurt like hell and its still there with blurred vision, also I have been so overwhelmed with fatigue the last few days its scary, yesterday I was at work trying to hang in there I was sitting down when a very heavy heaviness came over me and was hard to function I made it through the day and went straight to bed. Woke up this morning feeling the same way head pounding very sleepy. Did not got to work today but went to urgent care they gave me some meds to ,but want me to see my Dr. Tomorrow. I really don't know if the aneurysm have anything to do with this but wondering what other people have experienced . The Neurologist here I can't say to much about, we only have one. I have wondered about some people having them fixed at 4-5mm I don't even get that option here. Hope all is well... Marie


My aneurysm was almost 6mm in length and had clipping surgery done on September 17, 2012. The symptoms you describe sound like a lot of symptoms that I have read on here. I definitely agree that you need to be seen. 4-5mm aneurysms are treated all the time. I am surprised that it is not an option for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Please join us in the chat some time, it would be great to get to know you better.

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What arteries/segments are your aneurysms in?

Based on your described symptoms...strongly suggest you see a neuro...talk to your local doc, possibly a CT?...and, consider air-evac??? You have a long distance...and, that all has to be coordinated...

Prayers for you / your docs decisions...


Hi Marie...I do remember from a few years back...I think it is good you are seeing your Doctor tomorrow...please let us know what he says...~ Cyber~thoughts your way ~ Colleen

I am glad you are seeing the dr tomorrow. Your description of what you are feeling sounds alot like my ruptured. I felt heaviness in my head then felt like everything being drained from it when i collapsed. Hope all goes well at the doctors.....

Hi Marie,

It sounds like you're having symptoms related to an aneurysm, and yes, you should be seen and scanned again..as even small aneurysms can start leakiing and / or burst...or for whatever reason one of the aneurysms may have started growing and pressing on other nerves, hence your symptoms(?) I sure hope you're able to get another scan so you can get some definitive answers...you're ahead of the game by at least knowing you have the aneurysms but being so far away from a qualified Neurosurgeon has got to be a bit scary. Best of luck to you ! Keep you in my prayers, Janet