New to this board.. Help

Hi my name is Marie I live in Alaska . Two years ago I found out I have a aneursym and the size was 2-3mm and was told to have a mri in 6 months to recheck it which I did, they found a anthor one same size so was told the same thing wait and watch. So I had a Mri a few weeks ago and it sayed a have three now all the size of 4mm the doctor her said not to worry and come back for a mri in 6 months again I did not agrre with him so I sent all my records to the nearst Neurosurgen 350 miles away . They called and told me to get in as soon as I can which is May 4th. Im a little freaked out and my family is very worried. I have read a lot of stories and some are very scary. Two of the aneursym are located on the ophthalmic artery and one is middle cerebral artery. Anybody got any info on these.. Thanks a bunch and I hope everybody is well.. Marie

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Sorry you are in this situation. I cannot help much however I am glad you have got a second opinion.

PS good luck hope it all works out for you and relax at least they know they are there.

Hi Marie...Glad you went and sent your records to another Doctor...try and stay calm...because that is important ... I wouldn't do any heavy lifting and no smoking until you see the Doctor...keep all these thinks in check and you should be fine until your appt...

I have mine on the Basilar on my left ophthalmic artery which is 2mm and they are is good you have an appt May 4th...if you feel to be needed office back and ask to be called if they have any cancellations...if you get any horrible headache...worse one...ever...Get Medical Attention...donot hesitate...

Cyber~thoughts and prayers your way ~ Colleen

Hi Marie & welcome...

I am so sorry to hear that your dealing with this :-(

The good thing is that you did what you felt was right and got a second opinion..I had an aneurysm on the middle cerebral artery. Mine was clipped Nov. 2010.

Try to think positive and be around everyone that is your support. Everything that Colleen has already said is good advise :-)

If you feel the need to ask questions or just to chat with people that have been there and are still there, your in the right place.

Thoughts and prayers