Ophthalmic aneurysm


In March of 2011 I had a clipping for a 5mm aneurysm on my optical nerve. I have headaches daily, pressure, reading causes pain in my eye & headaches. I just went back to work & from looking at paper work & the pc my eye get weak & I get a headache. Just wondering if anyone else still experiences headaches & the problems reading? Didn't have the headaches before the clipping.

I had large aneurysm on optic nerve. Had stent and coils. Have barely any vision in eye and daily headaches. Reading is no longer easy

I am so sorry that you are having these daily headaches. I had a bypass and clipping in may and have had a serious headache since I woke up 5 days after the surgery. My docs have tried multiple kindsof meds to fix it so far not much helps. I finally am going to meet with a headach specialist at the end of august. We are doing a short cource of steriods this week and knock of wood it is helping the head is just dulk not pounding anymore. I am hoping it continues to be less once off the meds but praying is all I got at this point. Reading and vision is has been a big issue as well. I can only take in very small.doses. if you can read less or try maginifing glasses maybe they will help. Keep the faith and if you find something that helps please share cuz there are many of us out with same issues. God bless.

I had an opthalmic aneurysm as well, which was coiled & stented June 28 2012. I probably only had 5 headaches in my entire life until then. After my surgery I started having migraines and visual hallucinations (which didn't started for a few months later-I had a stroke during my surgery). They gave me a medication for the migraines which worked for a few months then it stopped working apparently it was a med that after a while doesn't work well-just 2 take every so often. I went to a Neurologist and she gave me a different med which I;ve taken since the end of Jan & I haven't had a migraine since. I am partially blind in my left eye but it's amazing how our brains compensate for things. Reading is difficult for me as well and the print has to be larger (that could be since I'm 40 now :) I wish you all the very best. Christy

It's seems as thought we are in the same boat with the head aches :( It's nice to know I'm not alone. I often feel like nobody understand how I feel. I'm so thankful to still be alive I feel guilty for complaining. It's that the headaches really bother me & sometimes affects my day. I will keep y'all in my prayers.

You're never alone here:) I understand what you're saying though. I get that "guilty feeling" as well. I think "I am so very Blessed by God to be alive~I shouldn't be complaining about anything!" But the fact is~we are human beings~we feel a certain way when something is bothering us but that does not mean that we aren't thankful for everything we do have:)

I had a an aneurism clipped in Jan. of this year.. They Bumped my optic nerve, which caused months of visual disturbance. Had to wear an eye patch for a couple months. Then in May, I had annie stented on my ophthalmic Artery. Same eye, caused Very bad inflammation of the orbit. And although my vision eventually got better, The eye "Migraines" cont. . I was found to have steroid caused cataracts. Got them done in the last couple weeks, and the eye strain, and vision are much better. Still get the sharp stabbing pains... Good Luck!

I too suffer with headaches since my surgery in April 2012. I had two clips put on my left ophth artery and one on my left neck carotid artery. I used to read 3-4 books a month and now I am lucky if I can finish 1 a month. I have been dealing with them and just started seeing a neurologist to help with the headaches (not really a typical headache but not sure what else to call them). Yes, I too often feel guilty complaining about them to anyone. I am lucky in so many ways. I just had a strange experience. I needed new eyeglasses and decided to try the progressive lenses for distance and reading. After three days I had to return them. They gave me constant pain for the three days and my eyes just could not adjust between the change in the upper distance lense and the lower reading lense. If it is not one thing it's another. Sometimes I feel as if people think I am making these symptoms up as I go along :)

Have you ever seen a neuro ophthalmologist? That is my next step after I see a new dr. closer to home. I'll still have to go to Shands to see the neuro Opthm. I'm limited to reading too. I have 3 kids & often while trying to encourage my son to read I will make a deal to read for 15 min & he read & sometimes that's hard. I feel the same as you do Carol about people think that I'm just saying it or making it up. But I know it's not the case. I've shared this conversation with my husband & he supports me but it's some insight to him as to I'm not the only one.

Amanda doesn't it feel good to know you are not alone. I feel that even though there may not be an answer, just know others are going through the same thing makes it okay, as if it validates what you are feeling. Yes, I have my neuro-ophthalmologist (love her), my neruologist and my neuro-surgeon, who actually forced me to get a neurologist for long term care. So many darn neuro's I don't know what to do with them all. My neuro-ophth told me to "go light a candle" because she has no idea how I have any vision at all in my left eye because they did so much work back there. After surgery it took about 6 months but then my vision came back to almost what it was before surgery. She said my eye is a bit weak but as far as my vision goes, all is well. I saw her every 3 months the first year and now once a year for follow-up. I know it is great to have your husband's support, otherwise it would make everything so much more difficult emotionally. I guess we just have to read in spurts and assume it will strengthen as time goes on.

I had clip March 15,2010. I have done well with some headaches especially when the air pressure changes. Until this last month… The headaches have become worse and aspirin is not helping. Did any of you go back to your neurosurgeon or just to neurologist? I live in a rural area and specialists are a long way away.

Nancy my neuro-surgeon suggested I see a neurologist when my headaches would not go away. That is who I see for long term follow-up care for the headaches. She has me on meds and they seem to be managing the headaches well thankfully. She keeps my neuro-surgeon updated on what she is doing and he is aware and gives his approval on the treatment.

I just started seeing a neurologist here in my home town since my neurosurgeon is 2hrs from here. I'm still having headaches daily. He put me on Fioricet but I think the caffeine in it is making me jittery/nervous.

finally…someone who understands. I had a giant aneurysm (16mm) pressing on my optic nerve. They chose to perform the Pipeline surgery, installing a mesh metal stent. I have virtually no clear vision in that eye…like looking thru a cloud. The horrible chronic headaches started about 3 weeks after surgery. It’s now been 8 weeks. They say it’s normal. Going to start wearing a patch over the eye to see if it helps. Depression has set in. Does anyone get vision back???

please tell me what the neurologist gave you for the headaches. I’m currently taking 3 or 4 doses of Advil a day. Not much relief.

I got my vision back around 3 weeks after surgery. My eye was swollen shut & had to get it's strength back. My doctor told me not to wear a patch thought, he said it needed to build it's strength back. Ive had some depression more anxiety though. I've really been praying about it & God has really done a work in me with the anxiety.