Headaches after coiling

I had a large aneurysm coiling Dec. 1, 2010, then another coiling embolization for a smaller aneurysm Dec. 20. My problem is the persistent headaches and some dizziness, even now, two months later. I saw a neurologist today who put me on the antidepressant nortriptyline for the headaches. Has anyone heard of this before? She also referred me to a physical therapist.

Would appreciate any comments. Thanks!

i have never heard of using an antidepressant to treat headaches…definitely read the side effects…some meds do more harm than good…do u have any physical deficits due to the anny…mine was 5mm and ruptured in oct of 09…thank the Lord above i just had ur normal…lol…wat is normal? sensitivity to light and sound…very sleepy all the time and had to get on blood pressure meds 10 mg lisinopril…nothing too bad…other than that…maybe an ativan for anxiety and loritab as needed for headaches …they tried to put me on antidepressant but i told them im not depressed. for heavens sake im giddy with excitement that im still alive…feel out ur options…excercise does wonders,walking,yoga…i hope this helps…take care n God bless

My wife has had headaches and migraines for the last 16 years after SAH clipping. Her Neurologist referred her to a leading headache center. There, they prescribed Pamalor antidepressant. She has tried mirtazaphine but felt zombied by it so it was discontinued. The generic pamalor is only in its third night. I am optimistic that this might have a positive effect for her. I'll let you all know if it continues working. We'll have some great tests over the next week with all the storms that are forecasted - these usually precipitate the most severe migraines.

By the way, we have found that electrical devices were the root cause of my wife's headaches. We were actually able to trigger the headaches/migraines using blind studies. Electromagnetic fields seem to interact with the metals that are used in aneruysm clipping. I suspect that it also interfers with the coil materials as well.

Hello Ingrid :slight_smile: I have three brain aneursyms, one ruptured in May 2007 and I had coiling procedures on all three following the rupture. I experienced constant headaches following my release from the rehab facility. My neurologist also prescribed nortriptyline for me. I started out taking 10 mgs prior to bedtime, and worked my way up to 40 mgs. My headaches are soooo much better with the nortriptyline. I do experience migraines and take a different pain med for those. My understanding is that nortriptyline is an antidepressant when prescribed in a much larger dosage. Doctors have found that in lower amounts, it helps relieve the pain. When I forget to take my meds, I wake up with a dull constant headache. Hope you start getting some relief. Fondly, Sheryl Baker

It took me 3 months to start having headaches after my coiling. I am now taking “Elavil” one tablet at 7PM every night. I had tried several other meds, but they just made me loopy. I am doing well with these. I work with Physical THerapist, and have never had any suggestions to have PT. Where was you aneurysm? Mine was on the right middle. Good luck.

Hi Ingrid -

Did you have a rupture prior to coiling?

I have 3 unruptured aneurysms - had one coiled w/ stent about 4mos ago. I had heard to expect headaches, and was fairly bothered by them. My "turning point" was around 8weeks post surgery - I really experienced a positive shift in how I felt, energetically as well as getting more and more headache-free days.

Now, 4mos out, I'd say the headaches aren't much worse than prior to surgery - I still get occassional migraines, and still get the annoying headaches that aren't awful but are bothersome, but nothing like I got right after the surgery. It's always best to check it out, but my guess is that you just need more time. I think the brain is doing lots of work right now, incorporating foreign objects.

And I definitely have heard of antidepressants for headaches.

Thank you to everyone who responded so quickly! It’s good to hear others have been helped with nortriptyline (Pamelor). My aneurysms did not rupture, and were only found accidentally during MRI/MRA after a concussion. Thanks again! I’ll be back.

Nope I haven't heard of this...mine Neurosurgeon's put me on Feriocet for headaches and beta blocker...

I hope you get some relief...I know how awful these headaches can be ... esp after the coiling...

Rest and hope you get better soon...Gotcha in my Prayers...Colleen

Ingrid, I had a stent & coiling 01-11-2011. The headaches at first were the worst. They were giving me Lortab and other pain killers that only made headache worse. I have had severe migraines for over 4 years and had been on Imetrex Injections 6mgs as needed for them. Once they started giving me that med in the hospital every 8 hrs my headaches would calm down. Now 1month and a half out my headaches are mostly gone. I mean I get the bothersome headache thats just there but deal able. but not the debilitating headaches that put me down. My real problem is light sensitivity and eye sight getting worse. I was never offered any antidepressants to help them. Hope this helps. Margaret