Headache afterwards?

I have migraines now and am hoping they do not get worse and more persistant after PED. Has anyone had any experience with more headaches after the procedure?

HI Stephanie and welcome to the PED Group!

I never had any migraines until I had my PED surgery. Shortly after, I began suffering from migraine type headaches and still do. Of course, my surgeon says it has nothing to do with my PED.... I disagree since I never had them before.

I hope more answer as I'm curious as to how everyone feels about this.

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Are they frequent or incapacitating? Do you find medication works to resolve them? For me, this is the major dissuading factor. Sometimes mine are so bad I can't get out of bed. Luckily my medication as cut back on the recurrences, but I can't imagine having them more frequently or more painful episodes.

they are not as frequent as before and yes, sometimes they are incapacitating to the point where I cannot get out of bed and I close all the curtains in my house. My husband calls that my "vampire" time lol.

A neurologist told me any brain procedure, whether that be the PED, coiling, etc. can aggravate migraines for about 6 months but it is not permanent. I had my PED installed 6 weeks ago and it hasn't been bad so far. I tend to have more frequent mild headaches but not migraines. I have only had one since the procedure and it was no better or worse than before.

That gives me hope:)

They told my husband the same thing, but it has been almost 10 months and I still suffer at times. Hopefully not too much long as I approach my 1 year "annie"versary!

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I had a headache that lasted 17 days before I got an MRI that showed I had an aneurysm. The headache had actually stopped by the time I got the MRI. Hadn't really had any before or up until the PED, but now it's the same one and worse. Doc said could be 2-3 months or more of "healing", which explains the headaches. They are not migraines, and I've never had migraines. They are throbbing left sided headaches (just like the original one), and I have neck pain/stiffness too. I find bending forward aggravates them, as does changing "altitude" like from laying down to sitting up or vice versa. The pain definitely comes with lying down to sleep also - I wake up and am relieved to sit up as it is a shocking pain to move around while lying down once awakened. Anyway, just my experience - but for the record, you mustn't focus on the side effects too much. It is far better to get the treatment, whatever kind, than to wait too long and perhaps have no treatment options. Good luck with your treatment and recovery!

Thanks for the info Sarah. I am trying very hard not to think about the side effects. Good luck to you also. I hope your headaches resolve very soon.

I had some headaches for three weeks after the pipeline I had done in my basilar artery mine was a fusiform giant and Dr Peter Kim Nelson did my pipeline and coils on Dec.29, 2012. I am now feeling great had an angio done in late February and the vessel is 95% back to normal the Annie has shrunk and is almost completely gone. Thank God!!! When was your pipeline done?

It has to be rescheduled. I was to have it done this past tuesday, but I had the flu. I am so fearful more migraines afterwards. I have to stay. Mine is not nearly as complicated or large as yours. I am glad yours has nearly resolved. What is the next step for you?

Thanks Linda, hope you are well!

Stephanie, stay positive - I truly believe it will improve your outcome. I am now 8 weeks post and pretty much feel 100% back to "my normal" self.

Thanks Sarah... you totally explained how my headaches feel! Was wondering if you still have them, or have they gone away now that it's been several months? I also notice nausea or motion sickness when in the car at high speeds and can't seem to talk on the cell phone for very long if I don't have it on speaker. Its only been a month since the surgery, so I'm hoping that all of it will go away quickly.

Hi Tara! I would say the frequency of the headaches is diminished some, as well as the intensity when I get one. I had an angio at four months post op that showed I have a small leak at the edge of the artery leading into where the anuerysm is (mine was coiled in addition to the PED). I have another angio on Oct 1st to see if it has healed any or if I’ll need another PED segment placed. I found that ibuprofen works sometimes, but not always and nothing else is recommended or works. Basically I just relax on the couch if I can and don’t move at all - any movement aggravates the stabbing searing pains. Feel free to message on my wall here if you want to talk more. :wink:

Heidi, 10 weeks postop for me and I feel back to myself also. Started yoga and strength training..My right eye is blurry, and my right ear a little clogged but it doesnt bother me at all. my headaches are twing twang and a extra strength tylenol.

Hi all. I had the pipeline procedure on Sep 5th 2012. Headaches are weird in that they are skeletal in nature odd points cheek, top of head and close to jaw. On the side of my head that has the corrected aneurysm.Tylenol Extra strength has been doing the job pretty much---;only twice I had to use prescribed pain meds. I am very grateful for the doctors, staff and all the wonderful people who prayed on my behalf.

I think headaches are the biggest compaint and they all seem different for different people. You still need a couple more weeks of rest and no stress, and you will be on your way. I had my procedure jun21.I started up my yoga and exercise last week. Upset stomach and when a mosquito bites me it looks like a bite from a horror movie..I suppose its from the plavix.I am glad you are well and the headaches will stop.


Did you wait this long to start the yoga and exercise because you didn't have the strength and endurance for it or were there other reasons? I can't wait to start working out and yet a small walk seems to exhaust me.

My surgery was only 10 weeks ago. My husband took me to a house in fl. to rest for a month. 2 weeks after the surgery I started walking my dog, Lucy..just one more house each day. Then I was around the block after a month.YES you are exhausted YOU had BRAIN surgery and you body was freaked out. I wish I had rested more, I did pop a Zanax as soon as I felt stress coming on. I heard too many post surgery stress stories of people going to the emergency rooms..you body turns to knots when its stressed. I have much stress in my life right now as it is..omgoodness. deeeeeep breath.

Did you have the pipeline or traditional brain surgery? I do feel overwhelmed easily but I am so grateful that I have the surgery behind me.