Having pipeline for 9mm brain anni soon

So I found out in September I have aneurysm. I have been really sick for awhile. Balance problems, numbness and tingling of my hands and feet. When I first went to the doctor (my general doctor) he wase convinced it was all just stress and wanted to treat me for that. I insisted on him sending me to a specialist so he did, but he also prescribed me antidepressants. Which caused me to have tremors and my balance got ten times worse. The tremors were so bad my whole body would jerk. I told him about it and he told me to up the dose and that it was just me im just depressed. I went home and looked up the meds and found they were serious side effects that say call your doctor right away. So i stopped taking the meds. The tremors went away and my balance went back to being like it was.

I had my MRI a week later and the doctor called me later that day to tell me he found an aneurysm, I really wasn't expecting that at all. I was in complete shock. My Aunt that was my second mom died from the samething. I watched her die. All I could think was yea right.

Now all I want to know is am I going to be ok?

My tablet kept messing up and moving the curser while i was typing so this makes no sense. Im sorry.

I am very thankful we found this now. My Aunt was only 49 and left behind her two teenage daughters. I look at my kids and I know I have to be ok.

But part of me gets really scared. I think I may over think it all sometimes lol

I survived a ruptured aneurysm and still have an unruptured one. The were both coiled nearly a year ago. I have been blessed not to have headaches. I have developed vertigo but even it has been manageable so far. Wishing you the very best. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Hi Dawn and again welcome...~

So sorry this is how the Doctor treated you...your story is similar...I had a female Doctor in emergency, tell me I was a "women" and we stress alot and I most likely have started the "change"...yeah...only to find a 9mm annie on my Basilar artery tip that was leaking...I pray every night that our medical people will readjust their thinking...

Please read here Dawn and see all of us Survivors...it will give you so much comfort in you being ok...and/or the "new normal"...

Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen