Happy Holidays and Day after Christmas Angio!

Hello my BAF Family!

Been a while since I posted, I've had so much going on being sick (strep throat, some severe headaches argggghhhh), my dad was in the hospital and been trying to get ready for the holiday. Needless to say, I am exhausted!!!!

Had my 6 month MRA this past Friday (no results yet) and I have my pre-op testing tomorrow with my 6 month angio next Tuesday, the day after Christmas. The best gift I could ask for, as I told my surgeon, is him leaning over that bed after the angio and telling me that the PED worked and the annie has occluded completely and that the watch and wait annie has not grown any.

Best wishes to my entire BAF Family for a happy and healthy holiday season!



Will be praying that you get your gift Linda...wow...you and me are alike...at the moment...I have been finally getting over a sore throat and bad cold...then the last 2 days I have had a Migraine like no other...today, I just feel blah...resting until we have to take off for the Holiday's to see family...

Merry Christmas to You and Your's...and a Safe and Happy and HEALTHY New Year...!

Cyber~hugs Colleen


Hi Linda hope you get the results you want. I can only imagine mine are good as I had my mri 7th October get the results 17th January. Goodluck with it. Jess.xxx

Have the prayers for you to get your gift that you want!!!

Have a great Holiday!!!

Colleen my dear friend, we are so alike and I do hope that you are feeling better and have a wonderful and safe trip with your family this holiday!

Hugs for a happy holiday!



I do Laurie, every single day!! Happy Holidays to you!




Thanks for the thoughts and I hope we both get great results!!!




Thanks so much for the kind words and I do hope you have a great holiday as well!!