Happy Anniversary to me!

It's been a year since my craniotomy for a 5mm MCA aneurysm clipping. Feeling great, although exhausted and not sleeping well. But that has nothing to do with my aneurysm- I'm 6 months pregnant with a healthy baby girl!

Never thought I would be in this place right now. I am feeling very grateful.

Oh Kit I am so happy you are pregnant, congratulations, you must be over the moon. Congrats on being one year Annie clipping too, I know it is a wonderful feeling, I saw your post to me, thanks.

I am feeling very grateful too and hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy and a girl, wow. Barbies anyone:) My daughter, now 22, and I played Barbies until they came out of our years. Also, Chelsey and I have a love of Halloween, as I know you do, and we went to a Halloween dance Saturday past and had a great time. You will love having a daughter.

So great to hear you are pregnant.

Take care and keep us posted on the baby news.

:) Brenda

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. I wish you all the joys of mother-hood. God bless you....always! I have a daughter, she is my only child and she has blessed me with 3 wonderful grandchildren. Have you picked a name yet? I changed my daughters name about 4 times before she was born.

Best wishes.

Congrats Kit! Get pillows! I think my sister tried to steal one from everyone she knew! We’d just follow her to the car and bring the pillow back :). I wish for you many, many happy loved filled years!

woow, you have no idea how encouraging this is. i plan to walk down the same path only that am one month post clipping. please share your experience, dos and donts as adviced by your doctor so that we can also learn something,All the best

Congratulations to you! How wonderful for you and having so many wonderful events to look forward to in your child's life will keep you moving in the right direction!

Blessings to you!

Nice Kit , I'm so happy for ya. Wow a baby girl...I hope you will share some pictures of her with us on here when the time comes..think of all those cute little outfits you'll be picking out and the joy of seeing the first of many things to come....so so happy for ya.

Happy Anniversary................

Fantastic! Congratulations :)

Kit...congratulations...and wishes for a miraculous Happy New Year...

Kit, I just read this. Congratulations, what a glorious 2016 it will be for you. Carol

Baby time is getting close! I have a scheduled c section on Jan 19th. My Dr wasn’t comfortable with me pushing due to the aneurysm. I have missed my one year follow-up CT in Oct and will have it after the baby is born.

So far so good! My blood pressure is quite low- the nurses keep saying “you poor thing, you must be dizzy” but I say “woohoo! No high BP to aggravate my brain”!

Great news! and smart doctors :) My Goodness it is right around the corner. I cannot wait to read the update. Carol

Happy New Year, it has been awhile. Seeing that you are scheduled for a C-Section?? If the aneurysm is clipped then why would pushing be an issue? Also do you get CT every year? I was told after 5 years for an angiogram... I am still dizzy though so my GP is sending me for another CT.

SO happy for you, just once I saw this I had these questions.. All Dr. are different I guess. I pretty much have forgotten that I had an operation. I do still go to a support group here in Halifax every 3 months just to keep in touch and tell my success story.

Thanks for any reply and let us know how it all goes. So excited for you :)

Hey Brenda,
Almost 38 weeks. I’m so huge! The doctor was ok with a natural birth that was assisted- so forceps or vacuum. I asked for a c section as I really don’t want forceps. Either way, she didn’t want me to push. It might have to do with the fact that I haven’t had my 1-year follow up yet?

I’m booked for my 1 year CT angio in Feb. If all is well, I’m on a five year screening plan like you. Fingers crossed!
Sorry to hear you are still dizzy. Hopefully they can sort that out for you.

So great!

Hi Kit: isn't if fun, I had a wonderful pregnancy, a long time ago now, but I was very lucky. I just got fat and had fun doing it. Smart not to want to push for sure but I am just wondering why my follow up isn't for 5 years?? It would be more reassuring after a year for sure.

So very happy for you. Post a prego pic :)

Will be waiting on updates. What is your due date.

Congratulations on your 1year Kit. My 1 year is in a week.

Congrats on the pregnancy. It is a blessing. I have a 3yr old and am thankful that I get to see her everyday

My due date is Jan 25 and my c section is booked for Jan 19. One more week! BP is around 100/60 - a true blessing.

Eating with reckless abandon has been a lot of fun:)

I have slight apprehension about checking in the hospital and being in the OR again. This time AWAKE. But it’s more post traumatic stress vs real concern.

Pic attached. Just when my hair has grown back, it is going to fall out again! Lol
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You look great! So great :slight_smile: