Hair loss and headaches

two weeks ago today I had my 5mm unruptured, aneurysm fixed. It had leaked. I had both coil and stent. I am still suffering from bad headaches in the back right side of my head where the aneurysm was. As of yesterday my hair has started to fall out in handfuls. They said this MAY happen due to the radiation used during the surgery. Has this happened to anyone else. also how long do these headaches last. I also have really loud ringing in my ears. I am not a straight forward case. I suffer from high pressure in my brain from hydrocephalus so I often have headaches but this is in one spot on one side. very different from the high pressure headaches, so different I knew something else was wrong and insisted on an MRI which is how they found the aneurysm. they immediately did surgery.

hi sorry to hear your having some problems, i had a 5mm rupture in October 09 and had it successfully coiled. following the procedure i did experience headaches, but not in one central location,it was kind of all over my head, but i think that was due to the fact i had just went thru brain surgery…my dr explained that it needs to time to heal and recover from the ordeal of being thru something like this…stayed in the hospital for two weeks and then at home for another four weeks…the r&r was so much a part of my recovery, just to be able to relax and lay around with no stress from work or housework was great…my family, my hubby and my children 21 & 16 were also a major participant in making sure i was staying on the steadfast path to regaining my sound mind and trying to restore the new me,which is wonderful…im sorry if i rambled…lol…a lil bit and i hope this helps…if the pain continues i would be sure and address it with my neurologist…keeping you in my prayers…God bless

thank you, yes the pain is pretty bad they have me on meds and said its from the leak and the surgery and it would take time. Im just a poor patient. I like to bounce back quick and there is nothing quick about this, I also have trouble finding words and my ring finger twitches uncontrollably weird but once again they told me to give it another four to six weeks. They said a leak rupture any blood the brain does not like it. thank you its good to know I am not the only one who isn’t jumping right back into life again. I could nap ten times a day and I don’t nap!

did your hair fall out this is crazy its falling out by the handfuls I can’t believe how much is coming out I have very thick hair but at this rate I won’t have any

It has been about two weeks ago that I had my unruptured aneurysm coiled and stented-it started at 5mm, but grew (unsure as to how big it got). I suffered for about three days with very bad headaches (my eyes would water) following surgery, and now they come and go and have eased up some-the ringing went away. The hair loss is from the radiation. I had a concusion before they found my aneurysm, and knew something was not right and insisted a MRI be done, and this is how they found my aneurysm. They said (doctors) it did not leak, but my neck was very stiff (and stayed this way)and this went away following surgery, and when I looked this up it was noted this occurs from leakage. I hope things go well with you and I will send a prayer up for you.

never thought i would say this…but…i love me a good nappy…lol…youll learn to take life just a little easier even when u want to go faster ur brain will let you know when its time to drop it down a notch…life is good

I have lost my hair by the hands full. they shaved alot of it. It will come back,hard to take everytime you brush or wash you hair, just to look at your pillow every morning. I have learn to live with thin hair. use a pick,I did buy a wig because of this, I don’t think I’m going to need it. I have not put it on, but just in case my hair has came back where shaved about an inch. I comb over. I like my hair and wish it was there, but if I can just live thur this i’ll be ok. My surgery was done on Aug 12. I had a rupture brain aneyurysm they had to put in a drain and coil, stent and afew other things. I was brain dead for abot 2 weeks and in hospital for over a month. Try not to worry about it.

Sorry to hear that your ruptured. My head did not have to be shaved they went through the groin mine is falling out due to the radiation during the surgery. I have very very thick hair bur at this rate it doesn’t matter how thick my hair is I will run out. They said it should only fall out where the radiation beam was, I can’t pinpoint just where in the back its all coming from, does anyone know how big of a spot that beam leaves? a half dollar, baseball, my whole head LOL what do I need to expect?

I don’t fully understand, they did surgery to place a drain, hair is not coming back there about the siz of a quarter, they did a craniotomy and clamped. hair is coming back there besides the scare along ear. a few days later they went thur the groin area and put in coils and a stent. He said That after that they found more bleeding deeper in brain, not sure what they did about it. I was out, brain dead, from the time I fell over here at home. about 2 weeks. they said I had 3 strokes I’m very lucky Thank the Lord, That I’m up walking and talking and driving. I want the hair but right how I can do without it.
I also lost hair in the 80s due to predisone and again in 2008 due to cancer and radiation and chemo. So I’m very happy to be here.
The hair has came back every time. I know you worry about it, I do too, no one wants to be bald.