Hair dye? hair loss, etc

Anyone here have hair loss since clipping and dye their hair?

I also have developed eczema (in remission) and doc's don't know what is causing it.

I think its from cutting the skull and it shocked my skull/scalp because

it is all along the area of where the scalp was cut and stapled.

I am 6 months post-op and was just going to do it but I thought I would

check here to see if any of you do it.

Any suggestions idea's? I did buy ammonia free hair dye.

Thanks so much. Jeanne

I was coiled and not clipped but I lost MAJOR amounts of hair...I have always had a really thick head of hair and it was dwindling down to being almost "thin" and not growing at all. It has finally started growing again, but I still have about 2 to 5 hairs on my fingers when I wring it out after showering. I did not color until this past weekend because I was afraid it would ALL fall out!!! I'm happy to say it didn't!!

Thanks Tera for you info. I hope your feeling well since your coiling.

How long since your coiling? I looked on your page and it looked like it was in May, last year? I am not real good here at navigating the members person pages.

I am like you, had very thick hair, but frizzy thick. I lose about 10-20 hairs everytime I run my fingers through it 4-5 times a day. Washing and brushing it is a tad more, but it still "looks" very thick to most people. It has slowed down since it first started though about 5 months ago.

Maybe I should wait but not sure how much longer I can hold out. The gray is overpowering my emotions and rational thinking, lol.

I have noticed in dyeing the hair it actually adds shine, not dry looking and seems to protect it more from the sun, at least for me it did. Thanks again.

Jeanne,ut I was coiled on December 31st, so 5 months at the end of this month!

Thanks again Tera. Glad to see you went ahead with the dyeing.

I am washing my hair today and maybe try for tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.

You too!!! Good luck!!!

Jeanne---Like you, I have very thick, wavy/frizzy hair--my husband had to cut it all off after I got out of the ICU--(matted with blood and stuff braided and never washed--a mess). Anyway, I have been coloring my hair for years and guess what? It was predominantly grey! When I started getting my vision back and was able to make it to the restroom finally---Shock! I said to my mother--"what's wrong with my hair?" to which she replied, "it's grey and short, and be thankful you have hair--"!!

Moving on- I did have big, flakes of skin coming from my scalp--I attributed it to the fact that i didn't get regular washing and all of the drugs in my system (for months)---I waited until I felt my scalp was healed (I also saw a dermatologist while still hospitalized and was prescribed a shampoo which i continued using for months until colored it--about 4 months after I was released..I was nervous the first time I had it done but it was fine--my scalp is still very sensitive but it does seem to be getting better and able to tolerate more as time goes by---for that I am happy...I get my hair colored about once a month and it is fine---I am also growing it out! Make me feel like the Dana I know and love:-).... Also felt like I didn't have any "voice" in my hair choice--maybe one day in the future I will wear it short and grey---when I am ready...

My hair seems to fall out alot also, but I rarely brush it during the day so my stylist told me to start "vigorously brushing " it once a day--seem better

Also interesting- All of my fingernails and my "big" toenails split horizontally and eventually came off---once again attributed to the "toxins" leaving my system-

I could go on and on--but won't--Please let me know if you have any questions of me

Happy Mothers Day to All!!!

Wow Dana, you have been through a lot of different post-op situations.

Of course most doctors say they are unrelated to the ani's but I find it to be to coincidental to have nothing wrong pre-op and all these other problems arising post-op, lol.

Anyway, nummular eczema I have no flaking just a lot of itchy red patches all along the hairline where they cut me. Washed my hair this afternoon and the itching started up. I guess the stimulation from the shower nozzle causes that. Like you, the frizzy, wavy hair can give one the impression that we have thicker hair than it really is at this point. When I was young I used to complain about the thickness because it was sooooooo hot in the summer. Now I realize it was there for going through times like this and no longer complain about much. I just want so badly to dye it but ........ the itching today might be a warning.

I didn't realize the toxins would stay in ones system so long. My doctors told me nothing about post-op problems but I have been learning through the forum here a lot of information.

You look very young and attractive but my age and health problems, non-ani have taken their emotional toll. I guess grey hair for now might be better than no hair. As we get older, (62) we try to stay as looking good naturally as we can, by coloring the hair. I will post back if and when I cave it to the dye job.

Thanks everyone for you imputs. Bless you all. Enjoy your weekend and Sunday. Jeanne

Jeanne and others,

While continuing my research on Migraines in Clipping Patients, I came across a document that puzzled me at the time but in light of the fact that the Food and Drug Administration, by its own admission, conducts absolutely no research on implanted medical devices, your comments reminded me about this document. Finland researchers have found that metal devices such as the component metal of clips, have found trace metals far from the clip location in the brain and body fluids. While I can't comment on the effect it would have on hair loss or eczema, I can state that my wife, also a clipping suvivor, has lost a significant amount of hair (but compensates by using Rogaine) and also had unexplained bouts of facial rash. She uses Pan Oxyl 10% and this seems to help.

In light of what I just mentioned and the fact that Doctors are also puzzled by this, I wonder whether the Finnish study may have a bearing on this problem as well. Just some food for thought!

Hi Jeanne, I too like Tera was coiled not clipped, I was coiled last February I probably waited over 6 months to have my hair dyed, I usually have highlights and my hairdresser was loathe to do it as I had very dry and scaley scalp after my procedure (also on my face). I am now 3 weeks post second coiling I have just (last week) had my hair cut and have an appointment for colouring in June all being well with my scalp, hope this helps, have a good day, Jill xxxx

Good morning Ed & everyone. I also wondered about this being an allergic reaction to the clips which are Titanium or the plates inserted which I assume are titanium or plastic, but I was diagnosed with the eczema 1 month pre-op but only on my arms. Dermatologist gave me TOPICORT and it was gone on my arms within a few days but can come back.

I went back to the derm when hair loss began and the itching was so intense all day long, but not on the scalp. It was on or in the skull. I could not and still can not get any relief for that except that its not 24/7 anymore. Mostly after I wash my hair or brush it. I am not even sure that its the same nummelar eczema (mine doesn't look like pictures of N.E. on internet) being the derm didn't do a scraping of the scalp. He had based his decision on my pre-op arm scrape. Then it is possible to develop any other type of red, non-flaky type patches. Doctors are puzzled by a lot of our post-op problems and also problems other people have in life with no health conditions. I suspect I will and should wait a few more weeks to see if the hair loss subsides more. If I do dye it and lose more I will be screaming at myself.

Ed your wife is so lucky that you are so involved in her well-being. I am sure she apprectiates all the concern you show her.

Thanks to everyone for all the advice given to me here. It swayed me but in a very good way.

Have a great weekend. Jeanne

I had Gamma Knife radiation for an AVM in June & December last year, and had a crani to have two aneurysms clipped last July. (all unruptured). I asked repeatedly about losing my hair & was told the only hair I would lose was the area shaved for the crani. I had asked because I had hair past my waist & wanted to cute & donate it prior to treatments if I was going to lose it.

A couple of months after surgery, I ended up with a fairly large almost bald patch adjacent to the area that had been shaved & the rest of my hair seemed thinner than usual, too. When I started freaking out over the hair falling out, many people, including my hairdresser said that their hair had thinned considerably after having anesthesia for surgery. In October, I went ahead & had my hair cut chin-length so I could donate what I still had.

It is now 11 months since first GK, 10 months since crani, and 5 months since second GK, and the thinning seems to have slowed down.

When I remember, I take a supplement called Hair, Skin, and Nails. It contains biotin. My hairdresser told me that biotin would help my hair grow back.


I can't even begin to describe what a treasure she is and I am so Blessed to have the time to devote to this issue.

To all you Mothers, have a great Mother's Day!


My hair all grew back, and I get high lights.. it was awesome!!! unitl a couple months ago... The hair that grew in started falling out agian.. :( Saw a hair Doc. he said it might grow back, might not..And said it had nothing to do with my high lights.. .it does itch from time to time.. my skull itches too.. the scar has peeled and flaked several times since surgery 9 months ago.. no one has any real answers.. but the scar is hidden in my bangs so it doesn't show.. Thank God.. :) And I am "willing" it to grow again. lol

It's my badge of life now!!

Biotin is the best!!!! I've used it before and it works like a charm....

YES, i AGREE, I have been taking biotin for years, I added Lecitan (sp?) My hair has grown so fast, and it is getting long, amost to my bra strap, in almost a year and a half since my surgery.

I was losing my hair as well post op. I was so depressed, handfuls for months came out, but I did not give up. Then all of a sudden I realized after I washed my hair, there were just a few hairs, normal again.........I also use "H_2 ION" I get it on line...I cont to use it great for the hair.. : )