Had Operation all ok xx

Hi Had an unruptured Aneurysm operated on this Thursday 23rd. All went well headaches only. It was a 12mm not sure if that's big or not. Had it coiled ....

That’s great news that everything went well, I had rapture Annie last September which was coiled and doing Ok I think just have to take a day at a time and be strong , take care :slight_smile:

Oh good glad your doing well Joanne x

Whoooo congrats! Keep us updated, I’m not sure about size either but I’m glad you caught it!

Glad to hear things went well Jules. Remember to rest and take it slowly.

Thankyou all not sure I like the headaches but it seems they are a side effect mmm xxx

Yea I think they are as I still take tablets for some pain in my head it’s not as bad as it was and do try not to take tablets and Cope but mine is a year on nearly now , so may b u will still need them , just take a day at a time and don’t try to fight it as I was and trying to b Me again to soon and it was making me wores, so I took a step back and slowed down and just let things heal in its own time , u are doing really well keep being strong :)x

Fantastic! What a relief for you to have that done! And hopefully the headaches will subside as the aneurysm clots up. Wonderful news for you.

Wonderful news, thank you for sharing. From what I have read 12mm is in the medium range.

Thanks for your support guys it means a lot xx

Jules...delighted for you....

Take one day at a time and look towards the future.

Excellent, Jules, thanks for sharing the good news.