Had my coiling

I had my angio and coiling 9/14 at the Cleveland clinic by Dr.. Hui. I did not need the stent.

everything went wonderfully.

was released from hospital 9/15. at home now.

no pain, no side effects. everytime, they asked, how are you doing, I said "excellent"

I go back in 3 mths. for an MRI.

thanks everyone for all your prayers and thoughts.

glad it is behind me. The MRI the day after the procedure was excellent, so hopefully, I will have no future problems.


Wooooooop Wooooooop Fab news!

Have yourself an excellent weekend.

Best Wishes


Great news. I’ve been praying. Glad its over for you and everything went so well. I hope everything goes well for me when I see him in December.

I will be praying for you.

Hope all goes well.


Thanks Sandy. I’m sure when the time comes I’ll post.

Hi Sandy and Congratulations on your coiling…not to mention feeling so well…to continued heath…my blessings to you … Colleen

Hi Sandy,

Congrats for you!!!

Continued health and thoughts and prayers your way.