Had a date for my surgery!

Hi All,

I went to see the nueroradiologist and he was really lovely. He old me my aneurysm is between 7 -8mm not 6mm as the neurosurgeon had told me after my CT angio.

I have been given a date for the coiling procedure . It's this month on the 29th but I am to go into Hospital the night before. I have been told I will be in the high dependency unit for a day or two afterwards. I am very nervous about having the surgery. I have never been in Hospital before, apart from having my children. The surgeon gave me a list of complications and told me he knows of patients who have died having the coiling procedure and that it is my decision to make. Despite my fears,I know I can't carry on like this,knowing it's there. I have odd pains in my head at times and I get really worried. I am frightened it's going to burst. I then think what if I get the complications after surgery he talked about and I end up in a coma having had a major stroke or with a permanent disability like he also he talked about. I think I am making the right decision having the surgery but just have these doubts.

I have been told after having an ECG after having chest pains (thought it was stress) that I now need a heart angiogram to rule out any heart problem. This has to go ahead before my coiling procedure can take place. They suggested a CT angiogram but having had two brain CT scans this past year, plus a brain CT angiogram a month ago It does seem an an awful lot of radiation. I have looked online and there is a cardio MRI scan with contrast,so I am going to ask if that will be able to diagnose any heart problem.

I am sitting here with a glass of red wine! I just can't relax anymore and seem to be turning into a nervous wreck. I have been told "many people have aneurysms and live with them and then die of something else" but this doesn't help me feel any better.

One step at a time. Cardiac disease has to be ruled out before a major surgery and anesthesia.

Cardiac MRI sounds good as it is non invasive but if it is abnormal you still land up with a cath...did you have a cardiac stress test already or was your EKG felt to be too abnormal. Do you have other medical issues like hypertension/diabetes/family h/o heart disease

Good part about a cardiac cath is that your cardiologist can do an intervention like stent if needed. Bad part is off course all the contrast can cause kidney issues

Ashhan...thank you for noting the contrast potential issues...that is one issue that has been so overlooked...


hi Eve! congratulations on your date! We'll keep you in thoughts and prayers for the 29th and beyond!

Glad they are "dotting their "I"s" and crossing their "t's" " to make sure all will be well before your surgery...

Sending positive vibes your way and of course prayers out for the 29th...~ Colleen

Hi Ashen,

Yes, unfortunately there is heart disease in my family but I don't have high blood pressure or diabetes. I have only had an ECG test but I have been having rapid heart beats lately. I have been told a cardiac MRI won't be any good. and I have to have a CT angiogram.

I was told the contrast dye only affected you if you had a problems with your kidneys is this not correct?

Hi Ron K, Thank you so much.

Hi Colleen, Thank you so much.

Eve you are correct about the contrast causing more problems if some one has a pre-existing kidney issues .Frequent contrast use can however cause damage too. Important way to prevent that is by maintaining hydration. If the procedure is outpatient , drink lots and lots of fluids...if you are admitted they will give fluids through the IV...are you sure they are doing a CT angio ...it is more likely to be a cardiac catheterisation...or maybe it is cardiac CT they are talking about

Hi,Ashhan, apologies if you receive this message twice,everything froze! Yes,it is a CT heart angiogram I'm having and it will be in outpatients. They advised this was better than the invasive type. I do drink quite a lot of water but will be sure to drink lot's more after having the procedure. My Gp has arranged for me to have a kidney function test on Monday. I only had one in the early part of the year,but it's just incase the Hospital will request one beforehand. I still have a problem with my vein after the last angiogram a month ago. I have been told it's due to the contrast leaking onto my skin. I'm hoping it does not happen this time as it has caused me lot of discomfort.