Going back to work

My mother's surgeon at her appoitment on Tuesday said she looked well enough to go back to her job, but she has a follow up angiogram to make sure everything looks ok and to look at another area that he is concerned about, this is scheduled for August. How can he say she is well enough to go back to work? She has only been home since May 15th and is still receiving Outpatient physical therapy. She is still in a lot of pain, not sleeping through the night. Her physical therapist is saying no that she is not ready to go back to work, and my mother is going to see her PCP today to tell her she is not ready for work. Has anyone had issues like this out there? If the surgeon tells the insurance company he feels she looks physically strong enough to go back to work they won't pay her the short term disability anymore..She was up all night last night sick about it and kept telling my father she wanted to go to the hospital b/c it was making her so upset. I'm so worried that all of this will put her back into the ICU..Thanks for listening to me any feedback is much appreciated.. Thanks Guys:)

Hi Emily,
Please go back to your mother’s doctor and express your concerns. Please also enlist your PCP. Please also consider asking him/her for a " release" for you mother to go back to work part time, e.g., two or three days a week, for some period of time and gradually increase.

Sometimes, doctors think the patient needs to go back to work for financial reasons as many people don’t have disability coverage. Please discuss both your mother’s physical and emotional needs plus her disability benefits to help the doctor make the best recommendation for her.

Good luck!


Hi Carole:) thanks for responding. Unfortunately her PCP who she saw this morning wasn't supportive to her taking more time. My mother is really upset crying and everything else. I guess I just don't understand the reasoning for them pressuring her to go back to work like this? Why won't they give her more time? She has a brain injury not a broken leg... I will find out all the details from my father tonight as to why they won't approve it I guess...So depressing....

Hi Emily...~ I agree with Carole...go back to the Doctor ...

I wish I could help and/or recommend more...I am blessed that I donot have to work outside of the home...I so feel for your mother...and don't understand how a Doctor can send her back to work so soon...I will keep mom and your family in my prayers ~ Colleen

Just keep pushing the doctors. I went back to work full time the week after my surgery. My doc said I was fine to go back. It was a very hard week. I was exhausted by the end of each day and got headaches. I returned to soon. Everyone heals at a different pace. Just keep bothering them. Hopefully they will listen!! Good luck and praying for your family