Getting "woozy" (like dizzy) and feeling of dying soon

Dear Friends,
I had my bypass surgery for an aneurysm 10 months ago. The year before this I started getting dizzy while eating, which may be a drop in blood pressure due to eating. This dizziness went away. However 2 weeks ago, it started again, probably due to stress of family visiting. But it was soooo bad, I couldn’t walk. It’s not dizzy spinning, it’s just feeling not right, the brain is lightheaded. I’m posting this on here because I want to make sure it’s not a side effect of possibly having a leak or some other kind of issue created by surgery. Has anyone else had something like this? I do have low blood pressure now and my sugar has been low-normal. I have to stay on aspirin to keep my bypass open. When I have these “attacks”, I also feel sick like I’m not going to live long. It’s not a panic attack (I don’t think), my heart is not racing, I just feel sick. What is scary is last night in my dream, I had an attack and was about to die. I’m afraid that maybe I had one of the attacks while I was sleeping and that is why I dreamed that. (when I have sleep apnea I dream I’m dying as well). Thoughts? My dr. doesn’t know what it is, he is thinking maybe I should have an MRI. The neurologist said this was not an issue for him.

Some of what you’re describing falls into the category of diabetic/low blood sugar problems. Have you been completely checked for those issues? I know very low blood sugar can make you feel like you’re dying (and it can, in fact, kill you). So can very high blood sugar. Maybe call to your GP is in order for a general work up.



Thanks for your input. I received a blood glucose monitor from my gp and so far my blood has been in the low end of the normal range. I did catch it one time (a few days ago) at 76 which is low. I think the other times it was in the 80’s-105. I was thinking it was sugar too, in fact I was convinced! But it’s not showing as crazy low… Hmmmm. Maybe it’s low for me?

Oh also, he did a complete metabolic check and insulin check and everything was normal. ARgh.

You know, it’s probably better to go with the “how I feel”, which is like dying. I bet that means it’s blood sugar. I felt that way with my asthma once ,and the dr said, “hmmm, all your tests are normal, but let’s do a better test”, and sure enough, my lungs opened up 70% when he gave me stuff to breathe. So what i felt, was more accurate than what the tests said!!!

If you have an opportunity to check it out better to check …to feel more safe … I think I understand what you talking about . In last couple years I did have few episodes , each lasted about a week when I felt weird like my head is not my head , like i am out of balance . It scared me as well , I also do have regular vertigo not very often but still . But I am not after surgery , doctors just watching my aneurysm .
By the way we figured out my b 12 was very very low along with D3 . May be you want to check this as well…

Hey Trekhard,
I have to agree with azurelle and gk79, take the opportunity to check it out, but have an overall check up, not just your head and not just your blood sugar, but everything. Your ‘woozies’ could be caused by any number of things.
As for your neurologist saying it’s not an issue for him, well, I’ve lost count of the number of times neuro’s have discredited my concerns, only to end up at the neurosurgeons office. Neurologist’s work on theories and we can guess just as well as they can. Even if it’s just to rule anything neurological out, go have the MRI done, the MRI may show very little change, but don’t be leaving it at that. Keep asking questions until you can get an answer. Some dr’s are very quick at writing symptoms off as psychosomatic, but if you’re not happy with the diagnosis then keep asking questions IMO.

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Thanks everyone!!!
HA! So my hairdresser suggested iron. I saw my Dr. yesterday and he said he thought he had checked that, but he didn’t! Got my #s last night and I’m super low on the iron protein, which indicates iron deficiency and accounts for all my symptoms!!! Yeah, thanks for all your help!! Also accounts for headaches. Neuro prescribed medicine for. Why can’t they just try to find the root of the problem, ugh!!!


I had something like this happen in June. I had a ruptured brain annie in Feb/18. They did cat scans, exrays, MRI’s and blood work to try and figure out why I felt dizzy and felt pressure in the front of my head. All they could tell me, was all scans and blood work came back normal. The r., did, however think I had some inflammation. He said it could be caused from environmental allergies, fighting a cold, sinus irritation, or blocked nasal passages. He gave me a nasal spray and it actually made a difference. I didn’t have a cold, and last allergy test showed I wasn’t allergic to anything. The Dr. said the brain may do all sorts of weird things whilst it’s recovering, and well as my blood supply. He said although it’s a pain to get all the tests done (I live in Canada, all tests are free), he said it’s important to rule out what potentially could be something really wrong. After 2 weeks the feeling went away. It occasionally returns when I’m stressed, or outside for a while. He couldn’t stress enough the importance of taking time to REALLY rest every day. I hope this helps. Peace & wellness to you


Thanks Trace! I do seem to have allergies right now too.

Dear friends,

It turns out it was a reaction to progesterone!!! Why don’t doctors think of the meds we are taking? Anyhow, all is good now. Not brain related.

I have exactly almost like your symptom and i thought it related to my annie surgery but later on i drop to emergency department suffering from hyboglacimia low blood sugar due to gastric sleeve surgery which i made 1 years before annie

Now i start to control my diet avoid as carb helped me alot am back to normal

Gastric sleeve cause reactive hypoglacimia
Hope igive some good information

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