Just wondering if any of you (clipping surgery people especially) have experienced lightheaded feelings or dizziness after surgery? I just got off the phone with my neurosurgeon’s nurse and I told her about the lightheaded feeling I’ve had for the past week. She told me it could be related to surgery and all that I’ve been through. Asked how much my fluid intake is, around 60 oz a day, and I told her about the blood transfusion my mom told me I had in the hospital. They told my mom I was anemic. I’ve experienced this one other time since I’ve been home, and it went away after 4 days… I think it was sinus related that time. Then I got diagnosed with a sinus infection & took ten days of Augmentin for it. Felt better after that. Just since last Tuesday I’ve had some degree of a lightheaded feeling like I’m swaying back and forth, room isn’t spinning, at times I feel nauseous, and my ears have felt full at times.

Any ideas/suggestions/have you felt like this?

It’s odd and a little worrisome as everything is now since my entire surgery & rupture was a surprise. Didn’t know I was sick. Surgery was Feb 6, I came home Feb 17.

Thank you for your time.

Hi robin I get it quite often and it will soon be ten years since my op try to drink plenty of water and rest lots. And try not to panic it only makes you feel worse.