Frontal Lobal Syndrome Recovery

Hello, I had my clipping done almost two yrs ago. My recovery went well, but the headaches were terribly.
I started noticing that my emotions and thinking were really off. Went to Dr, and was asked a lot of questions and took a couple of written tests and problem solving tests. I was then told I had frontal lobal syndrome, which is trama to the front of the brain that controls your emotions, thinking, and cognitive. I have been put on a lot of different meds to help, but really don’t know if its helping.
Can anyone relate to this, and what are you doing?
Thank you so very much


Bebe, when I first got out of hospital and probably for a couple two or three years, I had no emotions. In fact if it wasn’t for someone’s husband, I would never have had the correct words to describe what I continued to tell my doctor about my brain being black. I wanted a psych exam, found a psychologist that I trust and took a couple tests. The correct words were no thought process. I also cannot visualize things in my brain. Every now and then, an image will pop up, the first was a horse’s front leg. These aren’t your symptoms, but I wanted to tell you that depending on the part of the brain where you ruptured or was damaged by the bleed/or the surgeon, most of us have issues. Keep working at it. Make sure to keep hydrated and eat the amount of protein your brain needs in order to heal.

Here’s a brief description about it, I think many of us can say, oh so that’s what it is…


I can also report changes after a left frontal lobe aneurysm rupture, now 5yrs ago. My motivation is very decreased, and I seem to have lost my ability to discern when some responses would be better left unsaid. I kinda lost some of my ‘filters’ socially. Unfortunately, this is making keeping a job a challenge for me. Glad to know I’m not alone!