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Frontal Lobal Syndrome

Had my clipping done almost two yrs ago. Last couple of months my emotions and mood swings have been real bad. I have pulled back a great deal.
I can’t seem to be around crowds of people, nor handle a lot of people talking at one time without my brain feeling like its getting fried.
Went to neurologist and was told I have frontal lobal syndrome. Have been put on mood enhancer, but does not seem to be helping.
Am asking if anyone has had the same issue, and if so how are you handling it.
Thank you so much

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Welcome! I’m glad you found us… for our members who don’t know here’s an explanation

Mood enhancers take time, and it might not be the correct one. I’d suggest seeing a therapist as well. A good therapist should be able to help you identify your triggers and what to do.

So yes I can go down the list and check some of the things off. Some of the things, I just ignore, like my tremor. But the new neurologist has that pretty much under control with the drug.

I usually get explosively angry when someone jumps in without telling me and I lose the order I’ve decided to do something. Unfortunately I can use words the Navy never taught me. Those explosions happen very rarely, maybe once or twice a year. Usually when I’m around someone I don’t like.

I had to work hard to be around loud groups of folks. I would lose my speech and my tremor would get out of control. Now if I know I’m going to be somewhere that will be loud, I use ISO tunes and if it’s really bad, I’ll pair it to music I like and tune everything out. I can have a conversation with someone next to me without removing them. I also keep my sunglasses on as it helps me to keep my words. The speech therapist suggested that it’s due to me limiting sensory input (light).

And I’ve become brutally honest when talking to someone. Folks who don’t know me have difficulty with it. But since I no longer understand innuendos, I don’t use them. It took me 2-3 years to be able to verbalize contractions lol

Everything is just working at it…set a goal, break it down to baby steps and eventually you will achieve it.

Welcome! to the group.I do have problem sometimes when can’t get words out when in public.And also have emotional swings.So your not alone in this there are a lot of people that have this reaction.Thanks for sharing.So many people that are very understanding.Good wishes your way.

As a clipping survivor who has had 2 open brain procedures, I can relate to everything you have said. I was never given a diagnosis because I keep a lot of the symptoms from the doctors. Anxiety is my main problem, literally paralyzing anxiety and inability to sleep about something that was never going to happen. An example, a bounced check today would lead to an eviction notice tomorrow, but the check didn’t even bounce and nothing happens that quickly, but I was already sleepless and packing up the house in my mind. My husband remains my reality check and I definitely learned not to keep my fears to myself. I let him handle money totally because I find anxiety about it so paralyzing. Can’t handle crowds and chaos either. I have had to leave important events because of commotion and noise. Spent most of my niece’s wedding reception outside in the parking lot. What I try to do now is prepare myself in advance, to tell myself there will be craziness and noise, but I shouldn’t think of it as overwhelming and it will only be for a limited amount of time. Sometimes it works. I agree with the therapeutic value of sensory deprivation (I use earplugs) and listening to music as soothing. You are definitely not alone, Glad you found this group!


Want to thank everyone who has replied to my question. I feel better that I am not alone. And am willing to try the ear plugs.
Crowds and a lot of people talking absolutely drive me crazy, can’t figure out what conversation I’m suppose to focus on, and makes me feel like my brain is on overload.

Am truly hoping that I will be able to find the new normal.

Just blws my mind, that this far out from my clipping that this is happening.

I think I thought that after clipping everything would go back to the way it was.

Boy was I wrong.

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I have suffered from cog impairment, vision problems, memory problems, math, spelling, depression, anxiety, being overwhelmed by too much activity around me , brain fatigue (I’m ok for about 2 hours), migraines, and other problems for the 3.5 years since my coiling. I’ve been blindsided by this since the surgery went perfectly (?). I wish I knew what to suggest to fix the problems but I don’t have the answers. Antidepressants and amphetamine salts have helped with overwhelming sadness and my ability to complete tasks, improve focus but I struggle daily. What I’ve done is change my life, and I’m still missing the old me. I struggle a lot with this. I set boundaries, I don’t do things that create stress and anxiety like large social events, grocery shopping in big stores, drive where I’m not familiar. I socialize with only people who understand. I have a weighted eye mask to help with sleep and just ordered a weighted blanket to try. I haven’t been able to work. I take painting classes, yoga classes and have returned to riding horses with supervision. I’m still finding my way and creating a new life. It’s been a long journey. Please don’t be afraid to tell your doctors how you are feeling. I f they don’t listen, try someone else because what you are experiencing is very real. I can tell you that you’re not the only one facing challenges so don’t feel alone. :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Me too~ it’s about 13 years and I call it sensory overload.


I have always had problems sleeping and a friend recommended ordering a weighted blanket. I’m glad I did! It has really helped with my sleep.
The trick is to follow the suggested blanket weight for your weight. That’s the key.
I hope the blanket helps.


You helped recall a memory! The first time I went to the grocery store by myself, I was to pick up some kielbasa that was on sale. I couldn’t remember the type we get…so I got two of each roflol. Guess who does t have to go by themselves without an exact list!


Bebe5063, I should also add that I tried several different anti-depressants before finding the right one & the right dose. Listen to your body. If the meds make you think odd things, call the doctor right away & try a different med. One is not for all. I’m not sure what a “mood enhancer” is but I’m guessing it’s an anti-depressant. Make sure you have a doctor that listens to you and will be sensitive to your situation. You’ll get there. :slight_smile:

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I love all of you. I cannot thank you enough for sharing. My aneurysm was 25 years ago,and things have progressed exponentially, but no one reached out to me, so I went through all of this totally alone. I ignored it, I managed my own rehab…truly I did…but I still have major issues, none physical but lots of mental issues. I kept my job, an IT manager for a national law firm. I retired 4years ago. You know what I want and need??? A big Huzzah!!!

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