Free Kindle version of Rebooting My Brain: Sep 20 & 21

Hello everyone....SURPRISE! Today & tomorrow, Sep 20 and 21, I'm offering my book Rebooting My Brain FREE on Amazon Kindle. It's my treat to inspire and educate all of us, as well as those around us who may not understand what things are like for us now. Please share with others you know who could benefit. Thanks!

Thank you for the generous gift!

Thank you Maria!- i read the free intro was riviting but hauntingly familiar of course since i had sah 3 yrs ago--not sure what kindle is tho, i will go to your link again and look!---ok i found the kindle ad!thanks again!


Thank you for your generous gift! Your book is an inspirartion for all of those who are just starting down the road to recovery.

For those who do not have a Kindle, you can download this book to your PC. Please click on the link and follow the directions.


You're all so welcome!

Thank you for sharing your great story. You deficits were much worse than mine but we had many similar experiences. I think the thing that resonated most from your ordeal was your comment that you caught a glimpse of your own funeral. I still think about that to this day. We also share an Italian heritage, type A personality and the desire to write. In fact my desire to share my story is what kept my mind from going insane at times. Between the frustration, pain and hallucinations I would make notes during specific events because I knew I would not remember them later. Other events were filled in by family and friends. I posted my story in the discussion group. I don’t want to spam my blog link so if you get a chance take a look at my post.

Thank you again for your generosity and insight!

Thanks Tony! I will take a look....I'm so glad you documented things, as I believe that really helps in the recovery and healing process. It also helps to look back and see how far you've come!

Maria, I loved your book!!! thanks! It helped ny teen understand better what happened to me (even though my brain injury was not as traumatic as yours) your book also opened the door for my daughter and I to discuss some of the changes I'vew gone through ( not only physical changes, but emotional as well) so Thank you for an amazing, well written book!!!

So nice to hear Vicky, I'm so glad! My audio version of the book is coming out hopefully by Thanksgiving, too. Thank you so much for the kind of luck on your recovery.

Hi, Maria. So sorry I missed this. I read the note, but since it said “Sept 20-21” I didn’t give it a second glance. I mentioned to my son, I hate I missed it. We discussed you probably meant “October,” so I only missed it by one day instead of a month. Bummer, so close. Have a great week.

Hi Teresa, No this was in September when I posted it! Hope you can still check out the book in Kindle, as it's only $2.99 - enjoy!

Wow! I certainly will, based on the content and also the above excellent reviews. (:>