Forehead muscle paralysis, eyelid droop


I guess you'd say that I am a "newbie". I am thankful for this site and its resources and am hoping to find answers and support.

I had an unruptured aneurysm (posterior communicating segment, internal carotid) that was discovered when I had a scan done for an unrelated condition. I underwent surgery for repair by clipping approximately five weeks ago, subtemporal craniotomy, left side. Right after surgery I had very little sense of taste and smell, diminished hearing on left side, problems with vision in left eye, and along with swelling on affected side have left eyelid droop and total paralysis of muscles on left forehead. At this time, while senses are improving some, the eyelid droop and forehead paralysis are the same and there is a very painful tender lump just above the left eyebrow. My question: is this normal and expected, and is it likely to improve with time...or do I need to seek medical attention?

Thank you!

I am no doctor but after my clipping surgery 10 yrs ago for an anneursym behind my right eye(craintomy on the right side of my head), it took a while before I could lift my right eyebrow. There was some paralysis on that side but my regular MD told me to try to exercise the eyebrow by making funny faces and raising my eyebrows, although the right one would have little movement the left would go up. It looked pretty hilarious. I would like squint really hard then raise my eyebrows. Sounds crazy but it worked. I can raise the right eyebrow now, not all the way as high as the left, but I do think doing those exercises several times a day did help. Hope this helps. It just takes time for those nerves to wake up. I still have a dead spot on the right side of my head near my temple and a slight dent on that side, but know one knows I had brain surgery till I tell them. You may want to ask about the painful tender lump. I had a spot that would swell near my temple area from time to time, but that got better over( the word you hate to hear ) time. Hope this helps. Hang in there and rest when you can.

Thank you, Robyn!

Has anyone else experienced this or can you give me information/advice? Thanks!

Hi There,

in 1998 I underwent a clipping which had affected my third cranial nerve (snapped the nerve in two ), leaving me with no muscle control on the left eye, dialated, looked nuts etc. however if I covered the other eye I could see fine out of the left eye still, but had severe double vision with both eyes open) So that led me to the hospital where an emergency craniotomy/clipping was performed to fix the offending aneurysm. The surgery went well, but my left eye was still hanging there looking nuts afterward. It took 4 months for my left eye to heal up to where I could see clearly using both eyes, and the muscles of the entire left side, above the eye, was rather numb and was so for years afterward. I used to be able to raise the left eyebrow rather high while the right eye brow would remain stationary, not that it was such a huge loss for me ofcourse but I did notice that!

Now the thing I think that would concern me in your situation is the painful lump...I never had anything like that in either of my clippings, and since its a painful lump I'd seriously consider looking into it--could just be a mild area of infection that either the Ompthomoligist or the Neuro Surgeon can deal with , but I'd get it looked at as any amount of infection can hamper your recovery. Take care, Janet

I had unruptured triple ceribrial aneurysms may 2011 (clipping ). i still cannt sleep on the left side of my head due to pain , not alot of movement in left side forehead , and CANNT touch the "bolts" they put in above my left ear to hold the titaniam plate in ... doctor says it takes tme ..and Im to sensitive ! cannt open mouth all the way open anymore , and when I touch my leftside of my forehead I feel it at the back of my head not on the spot i touch . its wiered stuff that we go through . but we can walk and talk and love life . the sore lumps will decrease in pain level ...I had to take pain killers too wash my hair for the 1st 6 months ..and didnt get a hair cut for a year (painnful ) ...but it has gotten better over time , I can even do makeup now !! I wish you luck , always ask your surgen when things hurt or feel different , just remember as the swelling goes down , you will feel more . it takes awhile to get "ok " with everything you feel .

Thanks, Janet!

Thanks for your reply, Cathy. I am glad to be alive and halfway think and function. But the impatience and frustration of things not being "right", looking and feeling different, the so frustrating and disheartening. I keep hoping for improvements. Thanks again!

I had my clipping done in June of 2012. It was on the left side of my head. I have 3 screws in there now so that spot was tender for awhile and I couldn't raise my left eyebrow all the way for 3 or 4 months. I don't know if your surgeon did this but mine inserted something behind my left eye to keep it in place. I didn't have any drooping just the numbness for a few months.

Thank you, Valerie!