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Eye lid and eye brow droop with frozen forehead

I noticed a very old post about this but couldn’t find anything recent. I am wondering if anyone who had issues with their eye lid and eye brow dropping saw that it improved. I also have a frozen forehead. There is very minor movement in my forehead but barely anything and it is quite numb on my forehead.
I am only 4 weeks post op but am just wondering if this improves. I’m not worried about it per say, im just grateful to be here, but i get asked about it so wouldn’t mind knowing peoples experiences.

I had that just for a short time. this is going to sound horrible, but I thought, “oh, that’s what botox would look like” it erased my forehead wrinkles. :slight_smile: I had eye droop occur when I had a small leak after surgery and it caused some side effects, but that went away too. I’m not sure how long it took. I’m sure we had different surgeries so we are on different timelines. I’m a year out now, and my face is 100% back to normal.

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Which surgery did you have and where was it done? They took out the side of my skull above my right ear basically from my temple all the way to the back side of my head (probably a 5" cut). Mine was a bypass. They left 6 plates in. PS, I figured out by looking at my MRIs that the plates were where I was having pains. I know I told you the other day the doctor said it was referral pains, and i think some of the pains on my face are, but one plate is just above my eye and that is where a lot of my pains have come from. Makes me wonder if the drilling process or the plate irritates something.

Also, when I went for a first opinion, that doctor said he would only make a small hole. Interesting how different doctors do different things. he was not going to do a bypass though, just a clip. When he drew the picture of what he was going to do, it didn’t make sense. My aneurysm was hot dog shaped, the actual vessel had blown up like it was going to burst. (most happen where blood vessels dissect and a little balloon forms between at the dissection). When the doctor said he was going to clip the top part of my balloon (not stop blood from flowing into it), I thought “well why won’t the bottom just burst?”. It didn’t make sense. Anyhow, I’m glad I had a bypass even though it was a bigger surgery.

Yes your surgery was different to mine. I had a clipping of a right middle cerebral artery bifurcation. My insision was from my forged along my hairline and down to my ear. They cut a triangle piece of my skull out. I have a plate and screw right above my right eyebrow and have noticed my right eyebrow has thinned out considerably. My forehead and head about 3/4 back towards the back of my head is still numb. I can feel a bit but it is considerably numb and when it itches there isn’t away to itch the spot which is weird sensation.
I’m glad you had a second opinion as that does sound like a better choice. I had 100 % confidence in my neurosurgeon and the scan they did straight after the op showed 100% success of clipping the entire aneurysm.
Hoping that some of the numbness goes so. Can itch when i need to lol, and the eye droop is a small price to pay for having a successful surgery.

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I had my incision from ear to ear just behind my hairline, and had some of the same things. My forehead did not move for quite a while after surgery. I am just 7 months from surgery and it does move again. I also thought it may be what botox looks like. I also have the itching sensation that I can only compare to dental surgery when your cheek/face itches and nothing you do can scratch it because you can’t pinpoint the itch due to numbness. I have noticed that I have been slowly getting some of the feeling in my scalp back but it comes along with sharp pains that feel like needles in my scalp. I’ve been told it is the nerve endings coming back to life that causes the pains, so I have to remind myself that it is a good thing when it gets pretty painful. Occasionally I will have a pain in the right side of my head accompanied by my eye drooping, but it doesn’t seem to be anything serious.

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I don’t know exactly how many screws and plates I have. But I do feel 2 lots and I know they cut a triangle piece of my skull out hence I’m assuming 3 plates 6 screws. My first post op follow up is in the 30th of this month so I’ll find out soon.
Most of my head is still numb but some of my fkrheaf is more tingly now. I definatly get the strange pains that are like needles or electricity almost in my head near my insision. Last night it was quite constant and I could fall asleep for hours. Putting a bandana on takes some of it away. I’m yet to try paracetamol or Tylenol for it. Has anyone had luck with relief from this?
I also get the eye drop and pain when tired. It’s difficult as I wear contacts and it can hurt to get it out my right eye as screw under my eyebrow

Numbness takes a long time, to go away. My sensation is almost 100% back, but still just slightly numb. I seem to have more scalp itchies now at where my 2 incisions meets.

It was so weird, I only had the electric tingles for the first few days after surgery (I feel like that is not so common). it felt like ants crawling on my head, then I never had it again. My doctors also said it was nerves growing back. Oh man, hard deal about the contacts. I bet that will go away with time.

Really you think that the electric tingles is more rarer? Should i be concerned? I still get them often. I get it when im doing anything new that i havnt done since surgery or when emotions are high or when im tired. I’m 6 weeks post surgery now. My appointment is this week to follow up so ill ask the surgeon.