After Angio blips

Thanks to all who gave yaaaaays to my angio results.... Still buzzing, but just wanted to throw a question out there.

Has anyone had any minor after effects from an angio?

Having a little bit of a blip the last few days. Had my Angio on Tuesday and felt great, a bit of a headhurty immediatly afterwards but woke up the following day feeling great. Think maybe the relief of the results gave me a little over enthusiastic buzz and ventured out for lunch on Thursday and 10 mins into munching my vision went blurred and had trouble finding my words, only lasted about 10 mins but then the head hurty started, nothing major but enough to leave me onward bound with a doggy bag. Took a few Tylanols and slept a few hours waking up fine. Friday got up feeling great again, and I popped to the grocery stores with the hubby, and again within about 10 mins the blurred vision, a few jumbled thoughts and then the dull pain. Went home popped the Tylanol and again after a few hours woke up fine. It seems to be happening once I've showered and gotten to where i'm going. Hubby recalls that this was the norm for the first few weeks after I ventured outside after my coiling, figuring all visual or sounds outside of your home, comfort walls is a little more work for the ol brain to register I guess, but I didn't expect any side effects from the angio or the blips im experiencing

Guess I could just be forgetting that I've had some work on my brain regardless how minor.

Hoping all are doing to the best of your new you's

Best Wishes


Gaynor x

Hi u recall...I did good the first 48 hours...then it hit me like a "ton of bricks"...I was swollen in my groin, not to mention they inserted a mynx in my groin to stop bleeding...I felt awful for about 2 weeks...hubby and I had to go to ER because I had so much pain and found a small bleed inside...Doc's at ER told me it can take awhile for the artery they go hope to heal...and let me tell you...the radiative dye they use is unbelievable...I really found myself resting alot those 2 weeks and walking...and that was about it...

If you have any other go to ER or call Doc's office in the morning...Gotcha in my thoughts sweetie...! Colleen

Hey Gaynor,

I've had two angios, and going for my 3rd next month. I do remember being extremely fatigued afterwards, but other than that, no symptoms. If you are having any other problems, you should call your doc immediately and, if they are severe, get yourself to the ER~

Please keep us posted, I worry for you!!



Hi ya Collen

Can't reply to your reply direct but yes remember well the trouble you had with your groin, to be honest I thought of how you had suffered that much I had prepared myself for some groin trouble, but this is nothing to do with the groin or artery that is better than could be expected. Its the sudden blurred vision, and jumbled word, thought, although did venture out today for lunch and all was well, so thinking a little too much too soon (for a change...durrrrrrr)

Hope you are well and settling Sweetie xx

was this your 6 mo angio? i just remember all was still shaky, nothing major after my 6mo angio but still was getting shook up when walking into stores w/bright lites…restaurants with a lot of klatter n hustle n bustle…hope you get better soon…its slow n steady to recovery but once ur there its oh so nice…

Hi Michelle,
This is my first 6mth Angio, and results are fantastic, coiled one now sealed and secure, 2nd one doing well on the wait n watch so all fab there, just a little unsure why blurry vision, and a few jumbled thoughts, after the angio, didn’t expect any symptoms, but like a numbnut I never do :). gave myself the riot act as I think as usual I did a little too much too soon. No worries or headhurtys today so fingers crossed all is as it should be. Guess we are still toying with the brain no matter how small a procedure may seem.
Best Wishes

Sorry Linda....tried to reply to your post twice now and it keeps loosing it....Spooky!!!!!!! Gonna keep this one short cuz it will probably go walkies again.

All bettered up at the mo. Think its litle ol me being Miss impatient again and doing a little too much too soon.

Noothing better than a celebratory lunch to bit ya on the ass!!!!

Best Wishes


Hi Gaynor...please, this nmorning if you are still feeling any of these things, esp blurred vision, please call the Doctors office...and keep us posted...

Oh me and the pup and kitty are settling in good to be back with hubs...not to mention we have a beautiful canal to walk everyday...find myself getting in better shape being back in the city...

Now...let us know how you are doing...Big hugs Colleen

Morning Collen
, Again can’t reply to your replys, something strange with this thread me thinks. So this thread is old one,

Feeling all good again today, so def think it was me pushing myself too soon. (No suprise there…durrrrrr) I have to make apt for angio follow up today so will mention it. I live 10 mins from the hospital and my surgeon, who is based at the hospital or one of his team is usually on call, so don’t worry, I’ll be gatecrashing his lunch if it happens today :slight_smile:

Sooooo pleased you are all settling and yaaaaay for the canal, just wrap up war

went n 2day for mra w/contrast n read some of the side effects could be blurred vision n also headaches…or the headhurtys…lol…too cute…just wanted to relay that info to u…slow n easy…6 mo is still early n the recovery time,be sure not to rush to prevent setbacks and stayn positive …also my faithb helped tremendously…will get u thru…prayers n good healing thougts coming ur way hunny

Hi Gaynor...that happens...for once I haven't been having the problem....Jaycie told me the same thing...

Hope today is better for you...and you are resting up more...Big Hugs Colleen

Take it easy lil Mis Impatient!!!! Glad you're feeling better!!!!!