Follow Up Angiogram Recovery

I just had my follow up angiogram last Monday - Happy Valentines present. Ugh

Had a 6mm coiling done last August and I'm feeling just like I did after the coiling. The proceedure went well and the anuerysm is looking good. That was a relief!

Tuesday, didn't feel too bad, a little lightheaed and tired, mild headache on the coilied side. Wednesday, headache continued as did the lightheadness and just a feeling of being tired. I made it through a whole day of work. Friday, went to work, the sun came out and I got a migraine. Called the nurse hotline, well they must have taken off for a long weekend, never got a call back.

Spent all weekend nursing an on again-off-again headache, a couple have been optical migraines, occasional hot flash, and the feeling like I'm just not all here. I've been taking motion sickness pills and tylenol. My vision just doesn't seem to be as sharp as it should be.

Has anyone else had similiar symptons after an agiogram?

Hi glad that coiling is still good...

I go for my 6mos angiogram from the coiling in June of this year...not sure what to expect...

I hope you get the answers to all of these symptoms... so we call all learn from it...

I hate that you are having the headaches, because I know how awful they can be...

Hugs Colleen

Yes-just had my angiogram last Friday-I agree Happy Valentines day. As you my original procedure went very well, but i have not heard the results from my angiogram, and I am still waiting. The doctor is suppose to call by sometime today, and if not then I have to call them tomorrow. I have felt tired and lethargic sine the coiling, and besides fatigue I have migraines at times, cannot stand a lot of things going on at the same time sic), hate to go into Walmart (or any big stores), and hate a lot of noise happening at once (use to love family reunions).

I have had coiling and stent on 01/11/2011, doing well but my eye sight has gotten worse since surgery. doctor says nothing to do with it, its old age, ya right bite me! LOL bright light is still a problem. Sunshine kills me!!! not back to work yet.

Bright light (especially sunshine & add snow is terrible) still bothers me and I had my coiling and stent in Nov. 2010. My eye sight was terrible for about two months but it has been improving. I even went to an eye doctor and my prescription had changed but not by much. Heard from doctor’s office today-and everything showed fine and I am off plavix-Yeah!!!