Fioricet and Verapamil - 2 questions

Hi everyone. I have been dealing with migraines 24/7 for over 1 week. Not headaches. My neurologist gave me Fioricet and Verapamil yesterday.

1) Anyone know how long it takes for the Fioricet to "kick in & work?" I can either take 1 every 4 hours or NO MORE than 6 pills per week.

2) The Verapamil is used for high blood pressure/angina, but if I remember right, in my case she is trying to slow down the BP to my brain. Anyone taking either for migraines or both together?

If I could undo this operation or live with the migraines, I would choose undo the op. I never knew what a migraine was till now and do not know how one who has them all their life can function at all. God Bless those people. My tylenol usage was a minimum of 12 plus per day, so I stopped all meds and that lasted approx 3 weeks with mild or no headaches since 11-21. Anyone have any info on the above? Would be so much appreciated. Jeanne

Hi Jeanne...You had your operation in October...was in coiling??? If so...I too experienced migraine headaches after coiling for about 2 months...then a year later, I get one...once in awhile...I take fioricet...and usually my first dose doesn't do the trick, 2nd does and third really takes it away...I wasn't told no more than 6 pills a week...when in ICU they were giving every 4 hours for 8 keep headaches at bay...My Neurosurgeon told me I could have bad headaches up to 6 months after coiling...

Verapamil is a BP med that they find even helps headaches...I take different Bp med...for high blood pressure...

Sorry you are having a tough time...but you still have a journey healing...

Cyber~healing thoughts your way...Colleen

Hi Jeanne,

I have developed migraines since I have had the annie. I was prescribed the verapamil on 11/22 and I take it at bedtime. It does help me sleep through the night. I can't tell that the headaches / migraines have changed much. I still have one almost everyday, It skipped Sunday and Monday which was nice :)..Today it is back..

I have my 6 month angio in the morning...maybe it will solve the mystery! Migraines really are a pain!


Thank you for sharing your experience. It seems that everything I am told will take 6 months to heal or go away. Is that really true or do they need a break from our nagging them, lol.

I had my clipping done on 10/10/11. Headaches went away for about 3-4 weeks, and now they are back just as strong as the first ones. I have no idea of what I may have received in the hospital. I went home on the 5th day before noontime. Otherwise I was 'out' of it most of the time, sleeping.

As for the BP med, I take Lisinopril for my "normal" high BP and the verapamil is supposed to help the head pressure.

I am surprised I can only take 6 a week. Seems so little being I get them everyday and in my sleep they awaken me.

Maybe she wants to see how I handle it when I go back in 1 month. A headache I can deal with, whatever this monster is, I cannot.

Cyber-healing back at you also. I like that. Jeanne

Hi Karen,

So sorry you are still having the migraines. I find they keep me from daily functioning, do you? I want to do so much, but the pain sends me off to my bed or a recliner. Hubby doesn't appreciate the normal dinners he used to get, but he is patient. I assume your Surgeon is doing your angiogram, maybe you can check with him to see if you need the fioricet also.

It seems to affect my eyesight also. Constantly squinting my surgical eye when the pain gets even stronger.

I wonder if any of us, or most of us were told migraines would be a steady side effect. I know I wasn't.

Keep me posted although I am not here as often as I would like to be.

Best wishes for tomorrow. I view the angiogram as a piece of cake after the surgical side effects.

Make that devil's food cake with chocolate icing.