Good morning everyone.

Anyone here take Verapamil and was taken off of it? I was just taken off of it and would love to know the following, if possible. Can't find out on the internet.

How long before the verapamil is cleared out completely from our bodies (approximately)?

Hi Jeanne...Before my coiled surgery, all of a sudden, I had High Bp...and they put me on took about 1 week to work on my system...within a couple of days from working...I could barely feet and ankles swelled and then my hands swelled...the Neurologist removed me from med right away and told me that is a "side effect"...My Bp was down from the drug, but something felt very wrong...then they put me on a new blood pressure med 80mg of propranolol...which also helped with the migraines I was experiencing at the time...also a small dose of a diaretic to get adema down...I only had to take the diaretic for one week...the person who could answer your question on how long it takes to get out of your system...would be your pharmacy...I find them most helpful on these meds...keep us posted...~ cyber~ thoughts your way ~ Colleen

Thanks for the information Colleen. I was put on Verapamil 12/1/11 because of severe migraines that lasted 24/7 for 4/ 5 weeks. Had 2 bouts of them. Problem was that the migraines didn't stop till 1 month after starting the med. After 2 weeks of taking the medicine I wound up in the E.R. Nothing was working that I was living on Percocet & Tylenol non-stop. I just cannot stress enough how sick I was with the pain and overdosing on the pain meds to get rid of the migraines.

Anyway, some said the verapamil was supposed to kick in right away, which didn't for me and an oncall neurologist said it could take up to 1 month to kick in. 4 weeks later the migraines stopped and as of Monday evening I haven't taken the Verapamil. That is why I asked. I thought it would take 1 month to get out of my system as it did to take effect. I fear without Verapamil the migraines will be back. I am trying very hard not to stress out about it, but it is difficult. Pre-op I never had headaches, let alone migraines.

As for your side effects, it must have been awful to get through. You had this problem pre-op if I am understanding. Especially with high BP. Double whammy for you being you were trying to be healthy both physically and emotionally. It's easy to feel we have helped our ani's but then the meds bring on other problems. I pray the day comes that none of us will have to deal with post-op problems.

Thanks again Colleen. (<:

Ah Jeanne...Thank you for your note...actually I never had headaches (had other health issues)...but when all this came about ... right before my coiling...I had terrible migraines... so I feel for you...I wanted to knock my head in a wall...after coiling ... I had the migraines for a few they come once in awhile and last for about 2 to 3 days...only thing that seems to help is is so frustrating and I know what you are going through...

Truthfully, I think (my opinion) the verapamil will be out sooner than one month...

Cyber~thoughts ... your way Colleen

You were right Colleen, medicine left my system within 1 week.

On the 8th day of being off Verapamil the headaches turning worse are back so I am going back on the medicine. I don't want to wait till they are in full blown 24/7 migraine mode. I just hope the med doesn't take 1 month to kick in again.

Hope not either should only take about a week to get back in your system...

Keep us posted...~