Am almost two years out from a ruptured aneurysm. Still have constant headache. My neurologist prescribed Topamax today. Was hoping for some feedback from others who have tried this drug for their “migraines”. Thanks.

Hi Holly,

My wife started in 1999, almost 6 years after her rupture and clipping. Started at 25 mg and is now at 100 mg. Thirteen years later at 2012 we can't conclusively decide if it is really making a huge difference. We know what causes her headaches and topamax theoritically it should help her because it helps reduce the excitement of neurons involved headache/migraines. At this point we feel it has helped by 50%. Is that confusingly helpful enough?

There are few downsides to taking topamax other then a pins and needles sensation in the extremeties, among others including weight loss and loss of taste for some foods. If your Doctor agrees, give it a try for atleast six months.

Wish I could help Holly...they have given me Feriocet for the migraines...keep us posted on how you make out with this med...~ Colleen


I was on it for a short time. I couldn't handle the side affects. Memory loss was one of them. My girls used to tease me and say that I was going to wake up one day and forget who they were.

If it does't work for you try something else.

At the moment I am seriously considering botox. I can't find anything that helps my headaches.

I'm having a flare up with my TMJ and my pcp just put me on muscle relaxers to see if it would help with the headaches. It is helping relax the muscles in my neck and shoulders but does not help the headaches.

We just have to keep looking for what will work for us. Praying you find some relief.


Wow Ed. I've been coming to this site for support for a year and a half, and have seen your posts many times. Your dedication and knowledge are so inspiring, besides so helpful. It's a big decision to take a new medication so I appeciate the feedback. Just lost 10 lbs so not wanting to lose any more. Memory/recall are not sharp like the old "normal". Think I need to try something for head pain relief though. Thanks again.

I was on Topamax for migraines. I started at 12.5 mg and titrated up until I was at 100 mg.

At about 75 mg the side effects started to kick in and it was horrible for me. The most awful metal taste in my mouth all the time - tasted like I was sucking on a dirty nickel, depression and they don’t call it “dopamax” for nothing. I was slow at thinking and forgetful. When I was on the 100 mg for about 2 weeks, I felt so bad and irritable I could just scream! I was a mess really.

Needless to say I am off it now and trying Botox for my migraines. LOVE it! It has worked really well. The only benefit to Topamax was I did lose weight but I figured out why people lose weight on it. Everything tastes like metal!!! so who wants to eat?

Not everyone has these reactions and this was just my personal reaction. I know some people who swear by it and love it. Everyone is different but I wish I had a better grasp on the side effects. BUT, that being said, my migraines were so bad, it was worth a try for me.

Best of luck and I hope you get relief.

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I just tried Botox for my severe migraines in May and it is awesome! I have had no migraine days since being injected. I am impressed and I have tried just about everything out there for migraines. I am due for my next set of injections - they last about 3-4 months.

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My rupture was a little over a year ago and I still have horrible headaches . i rarely had headaches before the rupture and now they come everyday . I'm not on anything ,yet . I'm just relieved to see I'm not the only one .

I’m on Topamax for seizures and constant headaches. My neuro had to prescribe Fioricet because loud noises make me cringe with pain. Good luck. Hope it does more for you that it has for me.

Didn't work for me, made them worse. Relpax and Imetrix injection 6 mg. are the only things that work for me. I am scheduled for botox as soon as insurance approves it. Good luck!