Findings from IR angiogram

I had my IR angiogram yesterday. Since then I’ve been having panic attacks and I’m not sure what that is all about. Anyway, they were able to ascertain that I did have an aneurysm on the left Periocolossal artery and a very small one on my communicating artery. When I first went back to see them after having this originally found in 2018, they told me it was too risky. But I am sensing after they went in yesterday that maybe they think they can do something. I know it’s rare and not very big but because it’s rare nobody really knows the rupture ability of it. Can someone tell me that’s been coiled and being clipped how they felt about the procedures and how long were you off work. Are you glad that you clipped or would you rather have coiled or the other way around?

Having no experience with clipping but I have had four procedures for my 5mm multi-lobed aneurysm on the Left Internal Carotid Artery (LICA) bifurcation. Basically at the top of the Circle of Willis and not an easy place to get to or so I’ve been told. Fortunately I have hung around long enough for a special stent to be developed that finally took care of it. I can’t say if I’d rather have had the craniotomy, for me, I think not. But if my Neurosurgeon said she’d have to go through my skull (procedure #3 possibility) I would have. After all, she knows the brain much better than I. Her preference in treating aneurysms is non invasive, every doctor has their preference it seems.