Feelings 5 years later

Good morning all, I had an annie that burst 5 years ago and still have issues. I am tired all the time, have no short term memory, at times I feel stunned and kind of in a different world and other odd feelings. I am looking to discuss these and other issues with someone who has similar issues. Thanks for listening. Thomas

Hello Thomas , My name is Amanda . My annie ruptured 6 months ago. I too have issues , As far as my short term memory its AWFUL and embarrassing at times . For example Thanksgiving playing rummy with 4 others , I couldn't focus to save my life that and it when it was my turn I couldn't remember if I picked up a card or what so i just gave up . I know that sounds awful but I was getting so embarrassed .The other night My husband , 2 children and I went to tHe grocery store I had to use the restroom it had one of those automatic flushers , scared the hell out of me which happens alot now . The phone rings I jump like someone just jumped out at me in the dark. well I washed my hands and then realized I didn't know where I was at all . I was afraid to walk out the door because I didn't want a look of panic on my face in front of people. It only lasted a minute then it hit me. As far as being tired yes I too can fall asleep anytime. I also have a very short temper lately and it really bothers me Sometimes I get so frustrated and angry I wish that someone (meaning a stranger )would say the wrong thing to me to justify me ripping him a new one . I know how bad that sounds I'm not proud but thats the way I feel . My kids 10 and 5 years old have seen the angry side of me . I have sat them down and apologized and tried my best to explain that its not them its me and my 5 year old is funny cause he'll make excuses for me when I burn dinner or whatever he'll say its okay mommy its your anuerysm and the way he prrononces it is cute. Well geez I kind of just unloaded on you . sorry about that but its why I love this site . I don't talk to my family too much about it . Not sure ifI helped or not . Hope to hear from ya soon . have a good one !

Hi Thomas...I am coming up on 1 year from my coiling...and tired seems to be my things...and loud noises and crowds...can't really do them anymore...that being said, being alive is worth these other things...

You will get so many people to support you here at BAF...so many of your issues are similar to many here at Baf...

Cyber~healing thoughts your way...Colleen

Hi there I too feel like that sometimes it does lessen with time mine was 9yrs ago just let me know if you ever need a chat. Jess.xxx

Thomas, I just passed my 2 year mark in July... and yeah I have the memory issues.....its gotten to the point that I need some one to go with me to the restroom in a restaurant because when I come out I get all turned around and get lost and cant find my way back to the table.....The stunned thing I call them my black outs...they have lasted up to 6 hours....I know what your talking about !

hey there thomas, some issues we never get over. We live with them the rest of our lives but ALWAYS hope for more better outcomes down the LONG road. It can take years to see what been affected, I had a rupture in 2009 and still am off balance with bad headaches and noise drives me nuts, lol.Maybe you should try counseling? I think you should also go for a physical.

yep i don't know where we park at the store, i get lost.

i see you have a second, that might be the key to all the problems.

Amanda, It is good to here from you, your roller coaster ride has just begun. We share many of the same feelings. I have a handicap sign on my car, it is just easier to find, handicap parking helps to narrow down where my car is when I come out of the store. My personality is completly different than it was pre aneurysm. Your family will notice it more than your friends because they spend more time around you. Have a great day !

Hi Colleen, I have problems with these same things and you said it best being alive is worth these other problems. Every year on the anniversary of my aneurysm my family and I get togeather and celebrate another year of life, it will be 6 years this Feb.. I have been communicating with several people at baf and the input is very good for me. Have a great day !

My Annie did not rupture, I had clipping a year ago and still not had the chance for recovery… I pray that certain things turn around for you!!

Thoughts & prayers

Hello Amanda; OMG, you and me are alot alike. I too have short temper and tired all the time. I can sleep for 12 to 14 hours sometimes. My kids 18,12,5 they don't know why I sleep so much I just tell them it's because of my annie. It has been 2 years now and me finding this website has helped me alot about what I feel and what I am going through. You guys are the only ones that truely understand what I face everyday. I feel bad sometimes cuz my hubby and I don't get much time together after the kids go to bed cuz I am going to bed at the same time sometimes. I do sometimes try to sleep in the afternoon when they are all in school and work that way I can have engery when they get home and spend some quit time with the man I love and saved me.

Hi Thomas ; Thank god with have this web site because I too go through the same things as you do. It has been 2 years now since my ruputured annie which I had no clue I had it until it burst at home in bed one nite as my hubby and I just retired for the night. My hubby saved me as well the doctor's and I am grateful.

Hi again; Has anyone gone for blood work to see if it is something else? My doctor wants me to get some blood work done to check my thyroid and iron etc. to c if these my be affecting my tiredness.