Feeling so frustrated!

Hi everyone… I hope you don’t mind if I try to cry out laud…

I coiling + neuroform stent placed on my unruptured annie 7 years ago… At that time we all thought it was the best option, I was just 23 I could only think that I would do anything to avoid getting a scar on my head. We were told that coiling may not work due to the size and length of the neck of my carotid aneurysm but we decided to try anyway… And it did… Or sort of… Temporarily. Six months after had to go in again for more coils… But all worked out.
Now 7 years later I am facing problems again… With the aneurysm growing and coils compacting… I have doctors that keep telling me how wrong it was to have it coiled in the first place… I should have had it clipped… Etc etc…

They wanted to clipped now… But because of the stent that is already placed there… It’s impossible
They want to pipeline it… But I have my doubts… I read it is contraindicated to patients with a previous stent in place, asked my doctor about this and still waiting for an answer… Apart from that… I am allergic to nickel.
There is also an option to bypass the artery… Moving a vein from my leg and replacing the ill carotid artery with it… But this operation involves much more risks…

And there is always the option to not do anything… Doctor said he would not recomender this one as he has personally seen Annies just like mine rupturing…

I keep thinking, “what if”… I mean… I feel fine!! I may be in a little denial here… But I don’t think I really need to go thought all this and make my family go through all of it too… The chances of rupturing are very little… Maybe I should just leave it alone…

Damn this is hard!. I am only 30 years old and having to make decisions like this,… My whole family lives in Chile and I am in Australia, scared… Frustrated… Confused… My partner is super supportive, but it’s all new for him too… I feel sorry that he has to deal with my issues at this point of our lives… We should be thinking of mortgage… Children… Etc… Not life threatening operations… :frowning:

Sorry for that… I am always a positive person. But just needed to vent once.


wow Naya your right you are absolutely right this is hard- so sorry you have to deal with so much- i am amazed at these tough decisions and hope and pray you get some kind of guidance or help and please vent anytime we are here for you. i hope and pray for you and yours

Have you contacted any of the people in the information I provide to you...also...You have a Cyber~hug from me to you....~ Colleen

Hi Naya.

Ron is right this is hard. We all have to accept the advise given by our neuro's at the time we make the decision to take the plunge. As you did and we all hope that they will fix the Annie. I would not rush into a decision. I would do my research, find the Institute of Neurology in Australia and get a second opinion from a Neuro who has experience of this type of problem and has experience of fixing it. There are pipeline stents now available in other materials. Once you find the right Neuro he will tell you what they can do. I hope this is helpful. This is what I would do.

Hi Naya,

As a matter of interest did he say what caused the Annie to increase in size post op?

Than you so much… I was yesterday on a bad day, today feeling better… I am researching a lot.
Jennifer, the neck of my Annie is very wide… 6mm… That is the most probable reason,

Hope you are all having good days… And thanks again for your support… You are all superstars

follow your dr orders they know best.

Hi Naya,

I also read on the FDA NEWS REPORT that a pipeline stents were contraindicated.