Fear & coping?

I have 2 Annie’s that the doc’s say need no treatment at this time. So I’m wondering how other going through this deal with everyday life? I’m dizzy most of the time, my vision is inconsistent, sensitive to light & sound and to top it off anxiety is kicking in full force… I’m afraid to be alone, afraid to go to sleep & all the symptoms make it very hard to enjoy life yet at the same time I want nothing but to be alive & well!

Hi Karen...another question...does he/she (Doctor) give reason for not fixing the aneurysm's at this time...???

I have one coiled and another behind my left eye...the one behind my left eye is two small at this time...so Doctors are watching...

Eventually ... you work through it...but I am unsure how one works through it when you are having so many symptoms...If you are comfortable with your Doctors, I understand, but I suggest for "piece of mind" you get a 2nd opinion...~ Cyber~hugs (sounds like you can use one)...Colleen

Hi Karen, What your are going though is a normal reaction. Many of us have lived with the “watch and wait” approach. I lived for three years after being diagnosed with an unruptured aneurysm. I received annual scans, but was always very aware of my aneurysm. I had symptoms similar to yours…dizziness, vision changes, light sensitivity plus balance issues and headaches.

Finally after my neurosurgeon moved, I found a new neurosurgeon who reviewed my scans. He offered to clip my aneurysm and I decided to proceed. God was with me, because it was larger than they thought and had been leaking. Initially I had been told my symptoms were not related to my aneurysm. After the surgery, my neurosurgeon assured me they were related.

Looking back on the last 3 years, it was never easy not to think about my aneurysm. I counted each day as a blessing and still do. My advice is you discuss your feelings and symptoms with your neurosurgeon. Also it is always prudent to seek a 2nd opinion. Even if you have to travel, it is worth it for peace of mind. Take Care, Mary

Thank you! I will defiantly try to relax more : )

hi Karen-so sorry to read of your troubles- i was a ruptured case so i was spared much fear because i was comatose and then just thought i would rebound. Would a second opinion put you more at ease? just a thought-our thoughts & prayers are with you-Glad your here as i think you'll get much love & support here -i sure have,Bless you & yours!