Fear and gratitude

Last month my partner Joe, 49 years old, was complaining of nausea and a headache. We thought he had a virus. After trying and failing to get an appointment with his doctor that week, I took him to our local ER where he was diagnosed with a bleeding aneurysm and flown to California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. I was frightened and had no idea what to expect. I threw some things in a bag and drove to the city. When I arrived at the hospital I met with at least three doctors who were treating him. Coiling failed Friday night, so the next day they did surgery and clipped his mushroom like aneurysm. I remember the surgeon explaining the difficulties, the complications and "bumps" in the road we should be prepared for. I was horrified. But after 2 weeks in ICU and another week in inpatient rehab I am thankful to say we have yet to run into too many bumps along the way. Joe came home two Thursdays ago and is making amazing progress, with minimal deficits. He has outpatient PT and OT twice a week. I can't say enough about the amazing treatment and care he received at CPMC. They included me where ever possible. I drove back and forth to San Francisco every day that first week, other day after he was moved out of ICU and into TICU, and when they moved him downstairs to Acute Rehab, the staff invited me to spend the night in the rehab unit. We had meals together, watched our favorite DVD's. (Delores Claiborne and The Wizard of Oz) and just enjoyed being with other other. I am really lost without Joe as we have been together 24 years. It was great being able to meet with all his therapists, observe his work with them, ask questions and provide information. What a month!

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