Ephedra and or Pseudoephedrine and links to aneurysms

Since my initial rupture 07/21/12, and subsequent 2nd coiling 11/2012, and a second rupture of same coiled aneurysm 03/2013, I have been trying (key word here! brain doesn't like it!) to research and figure out just WHY this has happened to me.

Before I go further on the "why"--let me first explain I am not struggling, I have come to terms, I am not depressed, I accept God's fate and my path. I feel I am a better person now than I ever was.

However, the PHYSICAL "why" question remains. Especially since I have repeatedly (over a dozen times) heard from nurses and doctors--from neuros to ICU staff to my primary care physician, on down the line, just how very common this is becoming. We need answers, folks! Preventative measures! We have children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, etc....

I've had some nurses/clinical staff point me to food additives, GMO's (many suggested links there), and I've been told there is some up and coming research linking growth hormoned and GMO's (think wheat products), to inflammation and a possible contribution to aneurysm development and subsequent rupture down the line.

My question for many of you, and also a question I would encourage many of you to ask your healthcare providers---How many of you have taken in the past (when still legal) a weight loss aid or diet supplement, which contained Ephedra? (Think Metabolife--late 90's, early 2000's, for one). Or take a lot of allergy/sinus pills containing pseudoephedrine? Steady intake, I mean? Be honest with your answers, and please ask your doctors. I remember back when the FDA cracked down on those diet supplements, there was a connection to heart attack and BRAIN ANEURYSM. Check it out on the web. I wonder about lingering affects?

This is just curiosity. But 10-15 years out, there seems to be this large increase in the occurrence of aneurysms and ruptures. There has to be a cause/link.

Anyone else have any input/thoughts on this, please share!

Hi Jenny...I have never taken diet pills...but have taken allergy pills on/off since a kid...I have bad allergy to ragweed season and now as I am older ... spring allergy... this is very interesting information and I hope me sharing this information helps you out...~ wishing you a good day ~ Colleen

Definitely something to ask the drs. I have seasonal allergies. There is something in every season that gets me going. I have taken the allergy meds like people take vitamins. Every day w/out fail. I also have fibromuscular dysplasia. it is in my carotid arteries. Had those cleaned out a few years ago. No ill effects then BAM 2 aneurysms.

Thank you Jenny , I didn't not remember that !!! And I have taken both over the last 10 years !! I was really disgusted when the took the one away , and that you have to pick the other up like a prescription , (easier to get vicodin) I have really bad allergy's, and the ephedra helped with my breathing . I hadn't taken any since surgery till dec last year, and back to decongestants at my doctors recommendation..

I don’t think aneurysms are any more common today than they were 30, 40 or 50 years ago, it’s that we ar more aware of them and doctors these days are able to successfully operate more often, when my brother had his SAH 30 years ago we were told to pray that he passed quickly as there was no hope of operating or of any sort of recovery. Most of us if we looked back in the family would find a relative that passed from a stroke, or a haemorrhage from a stroke. Smoking is probably a factor as more people smoked years ago, and many patients today are smokers. But that does not account for the amount of younger people who are diagnosed that are not on diet pills, or have allergies, many autopsies carried out find unruptured aneurysm’s that were undiagnosed and had nothing to do with the person passing away. We are the lucky ones, we have survived, we go on to help others get through and educate those around us to be aware.

Lynn, I agree that many years ago they were undiagnosed and untreatable. Technology has come a long way. I am expressing things that my care providers have shared with me. They have seen changes over the past 10 years or so, and the frequency of rupture seems to be increasing. We are very fortunate to have the option of coiling now, although the coiling typically is not a one-time fix. Survival rate is higher, and will probably continue to go up as doctors learn more.

Personally, I have no family history, never smoked, no high blood pressure (actually low), no heart disease, exercised (still do), maintained a healthy weight, did not drink to excess, ate healthy, etc.... I have not a single "risk" factor. My physicians have indicated they are seeing more of this. Patients without the risk factors such as family history and/or smoking/drinking to excess. This is what I am curious about.

I know there was a link established back in the early 2000's, I believe, when some of these drugs were pulled off the market. I'm just curious as to how many of those who are like me-with no risk factors-may have taken a lot of allergy pills (chronic severe spring allergies through my childhood), or if anyone may have used the pills to lose weight. They were reported to be "safe!", just as much of the energy drinks and supplements are now.

I know curiosity kills the cat, but I can't help myself. It's my nature. ;)