EHT Age Defying Supplement

Does anyone know about this supplement? The research was completed by Princeton university. It is suppose to help strengthen dendrites. I started giving the supplement to my 28 year old son who is 2 years post SAH (grade 5). We tried Brain Boost for 6 months and did not see any difference. His short term memory is in seconds. We have been giving him this for 3 weeks and I am noticing improvement in this area.

I had to look this up quite recently on another community for a member, Ecamerin. I did not receive a favorable impression from my research, I'm afraid. Multi-level marketing is usual not the way that reputable products are sold. This may be a useful read:

As always, check with your son's doctor before trying any new supplements.

Thanks. We did and he said it does have 20 years of research behind it but still relatively new and there is nothing in there that would hurt him. Nerium mainly cells anti aging creams and this is new for them. We tried Brain Boost which was recommended by the Jupiter Brain Center but did not see any difference. I have seen some difference with this. So as long as it is safe, I figure why not.... I am keeping a journal so we will see. Thank you so much for responding. Let me know if you hear anything else.