Efficacy of Coiling Procedure and what to expect

My mom is currently trying to decide between coiling vs clipping. Can you share
Your experiences for those who have had coiling. I’ve heard some
Say it doesn’t last or Their procedure was unsuccessful. If there is the chance
That coiling wont work she doesn’t want to choose a procedure that will only cause her
To have to have future surgeries because it didn’t work. I guess that’s just
The chance you take but for those who have had coiling was and has your experience been like?
Any major complications from the procedure other than risk of stoke?
Thanks in advance.

I had a rupture and was not given a choice between the two. So far everything appears to be great....however; I won't have my followup angiogram until June to see if there are any issues. I am happy that they did the coiling as I do not have to deal with the physical issues of an invasive surgery! The angios are not too bad!

i'm in the same category as jim 3yrs in june -had to add additional coils about 2 yrs ago-so far so good-hey jim im curious did u have to go back for re-coiling?they said it was very common-ron

HI Shanta...when they found my aneurysm it was leaking and the basilar artery is a very bad spot for them to clip...so coiling at that point was the only option...I really don't know which is better...often you have to weigh your options based on where the aneurysm is in one's brain ~ Cyber~prayers that mom can make a good decision for Her...~ Colleen

No preference although before the angio it was though clipping would have to be done. After the angio the doc seems confident he can coil. He said it he gets in there and finds that he can't he can always back out. I'm glad that you did well with your procedure. Good luck to you with your follow-ups.

This will be the first treatment she had had. Hoping it can be successfully coiled and that it doesn't fail. The doc said coiling would take care of it in 90% of the cases. But i know there are some where it has failed.

Thanks for the response Jim

Thanks for responding Tera

Alison, good luck to you and thanks for responding.

Thanks for responding Paula and sharing your experience

Thanks Colleen

I was coiled on Tues. Got home yesterday. I am so glad that I chose to get coiled. My recovery has not been bad. I have had headaches that come and go but nothing that is untolerable. I am tired and week but again look what my body has been through. Maybe my head wasn’t cut open but my brain was still worked on as my dr likes to put it. I am so glad that I chose to get coiled. If anything it gives me a peace of mind. Good luck to your mother. Like everyone has commented on here,
pray and you will be guided to know what to do. Lynette.

Thanks for replying Lynette. I'm glad things went well with your coiling. Prayer definitely changes things.

Thanks for your response Jo. I'm so glad you are doing well. Trust in your doctor is so very important, you are right. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. Wish you a speedy recovery.

You heal quicker and fewer side effects from the coiling. But as far as problems later I couldn't answer that because Im just 3 months out from the time I had the coiling on a ruptured aneurysm. Im doing real well, no one can even tell Ive suffered a ruptured annie. Also the doctors know how to counter the possibility of a stroke.

Shanta, I chose the coils because the annie was way in at the center of my brain. The doctors had recommended them to me because of it's location. I'm celebrating my 10th anniversary this month and have had no problems whatsoever. The coiling is minimally invasion and I have no regrets. This site is such a wealth of knowledge and I'm sure you will make the right decision for your mother. The doctors can't always make the decision for you, but they can suggest what they feel is best.

I'm glad that you are doing well. I'm also glad to know that the docs know how to counter a stroke. There is only a chance of stoke if some of the coiling material gets back into the bloodstream right? Also is it standard technique to put a stent as well as coil? meaning after you shoot the coils, do they then put a stent across to ensure the coils stay in place or is that a separate procedure?

Thanks for responding Carolyn. I'm so happy you continue to do well. I know my mom said her's was on the right side but I'm not sure of the exact location. I will find out. Her doctor said if she were to have it clipped as far as possible side effects, it may affect her peripheral eyesight due to location. Thanks again for your response.

My mom has her appointment to have her aneurysm coiled April 20th. Her doctor thought initially her aneurysm was 2mm but after the angio found it to be about 2.5 or so. Hes suggested she do the endovascular coiling. Does anyone know what's the smallest aneurysm that has been coiled. Is this too small to coil? I know the docs know what they are doing but i sometimes worry what if it is too small to coil and they disrupt it when shooting coils into it. Or because it's so small they may not be able to shoot enough coils in it to help shut off blood supply to it. I have been encouraging her all this time but the closer it gets to her procedure, the more afraid I get and start questioning things. Are these valid reasons to be worried or am I just working myself up for nothing? All your prayers are needed and appreciated for her to come through this procedure successfully.