Coiling vs Clipping the 4th.... after clippling 3

Hello Everyone. Tomorrow I am two weeks post op from clipping 3 aneurysms. The 4th and largest could not be reached from the approach from the right which was communicated going in. Dr. Hanel suggest coiling the 4th. I have concerns over coiling as I have been told and have read of the possibilities of future failures. Dr Hanel expressed his concern over how thin the other 3 were when he clipped them. I have to have a decision tomorrow on the treatment of the fourth. Those of you that have had both.... which do you prefer?


LoriL just recently asked the same and has responses...and, should be readily available on this site now...

Prayers for your best info decision...


Hi Stacy,

Wow, qyute a decision to have to make ! How has your recovery been going from your clippins surgery? I hope very well !

To answer the question of coiling -vs-clipping...I had an aneurysm clipped in 1998...all was well until another aneurysm popped up in 2006, on the opposite side...The 2nd one put me in the hospital for 6 weeks with an Sah/coma and the aneurysm was coiled while I was in the coma, so I had little choice. After 3 years of having the coils with absolutely no problems at all (no headaches nothing unusual) very suddenly one night the same intense pain that had rushed thru my skull right before I collapsed and fell into the coma in 2006, swept thru my head and dropped me to the ground. This time I didn't pass out though, but I sure did think I had yet another aneurysm to deal with and wound up back in the hospital that night. As it turned out the coils had compacted and I had no new annie fortunately...I was given a choice of adding more coils or to have a clipping. I chose the clipping, hands down. Never do I want to go thru that sudden, horrendous pain ever again,--and the suddeness of it blew me away. So I was in the %25 percenter group, much to my surprise-(and that was one surprise could've done without!) For me it was the right choice.

You said your surgeon expressed concern about the thin walled arteries of your annies? so was he implying the coils are better then a clipping or that a clipping would be better then the coils..?

I wish you peace of mind in your decision Stacy, Janet

Sending positive thoughts your way Stacy that you can make a decision that is best for you...~ Colleen

hi Stacy!-I would definatly go with the drs coiling recommendation-they are the experts and very good at what they do. Does Dr. Hanel also do coiling? if he does he is leanng towards coiling for good reason---if he doesn't then he must really feel strongly to get the coils. My coils compacted a bit about 1 year post sah rupture but it was no big deal- they just added more and they are fine 4 yrs post. There are many horror stories for all these procedures- none are perfect science. Please keep the faith and stay strong-we'll keep you in thoughts and prayers for the best solution, the best surgery and great recovery. May God Bless you and yours~ps- let us know please--we care!