Eating disorder as risk factor?

Hi - I have 2 unruptured aneurysms that are being watched not operated on at this point,

I've read a lot about risk factors - smoking, blood pressure, family history, drug abuse, etc - and I have no risk factors at all. However, I have had an eating disorder - anorexia and bulimia - for many years, and I have to wonder if purging - self-induced vomitting (sorry, gross, I know) is a risk factor that has not been recognized. I have done online searches and cannot find anything, but it isn't exactly a routing question that doctors ask about.

At times I have purged multi[le times a day, multiple days/weeks in a row - and its been going on and off for years. Purging is not easy for me, it is quite a forceful, difficult process. Since my diagnosis, I have not purged. I believe it must be related - too much pressure to the head - broken blood vessels in and around eyes, having vision go black when purging.

Does anyone else have / have had bulimia, or does anyone have any info about this?

Thank you.

I donot have bulimia or anorexia…so I cannot answer your questions, other than vomiting cannot be good for your body or brain…Hope you can find help…Good Luck to you … Gotcha in my Thoughts…! Colleen

Did you ask your md / neuro?

Have you had a dr/psychological health care for the bulimia/purge? If, yes, what was explained about brain damage? If no, ask your PCP and/or call the office of the neuro who diagnosed your aneurysms and request referral to appropriate md...

Prayers that you maintain contol over purging...