Ear Pressure after Clipping

Hi Everyone! I had my fusiform aneurysm clipped almost a year ago and I still have dizziness sometimes and ear pressure. The ear pressure is the worst and gets me concerned… I do have some other symptoms but they are not so bad. Could you guys tell me if you have clogged ears and if it comes and goes as mine? Is there any solution or therapy for recovering of that?

Thank you and I really need your help.

Hey Thiago,
Ear pressure? Is that ear pressure or air pressure? I certainly have had ear issues. I was sent to an ENT dr due to whooshing in my ears when walking. The neuro said ‘It’s your ears’, ENT said ‘It’s your head’, so no great answers.

Now I query ear vs air because I have found that on high air pressure days I tend to become even more symptomatic and this interferes with my ears, like they are continually blocked but the ENT informs me my ears are in fact clear. At times it can seem that it’s a positional issue, if I laydown the ‘whooshing’ starts. It also seems that at times the whooshing equates to my footsteps, at other times it equates to my heartbeat and I believe this variation just adds to the uncertainty by the medicos. If it was solely with my heartbeat they could label it blood flow related, or if it was solely positional they could label it as a CSF issue. But being a combination pinpointing a cause/effect scenario is near on impossible.

I have tried an ear wax dissolving solution to clear the ear canal, but this has not resolved the issue, in fact it messed with my balance even more. I’ve tried blood thinning medication but this also hasn’t fixed it. So, is there an answer??? No. The two specialists involved blame each others specialisation. ie ‘It could be ‘X’ or it could be ‘Y’ but it’s not ‘Z’’ With ‘Z’ being their own specialisation. So I seem to be going around and around in ever decreasing circles.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

Did any of your doctors mention Meniere’s disease? I have occasional dizziness, extremely bad balance, and intermittent vertigo. Also, I sometimes hear a swishing noise, but i have no ear pressure sensations. Inner ear problems was one of the things they looked at. (I remember it because it’s pronounced as “men-ears” and I’m a woman, but it refers to the doctor who found it.) What made me think of it was your description of ear pressure, which can be a symptom. You might want to read about it and see if it is worth looking at. The occasional room-spinning thing for me seems to be getting better over time since my clipping, but my balance is getting worse. They never diagnosed anything other than damage from the rupture and the surgery and I think it’s connected to my seizures. Good luck with finding the cause!

Hello Merl and Kate! Thank you so much for yor comments. I fell sorry because you guys have similar symptoms and I hope you get better. Merl, for now I’ve only dealt with the neurologist. I’ve moved for another city and no longer have a family doctor, reason why I’m at e hospital now getting checked up and hopefully they will refer me to an ENT. The neurologist says that it is not related with my clipping, however one of the reasons why I found out about the aneurism last year was the pressure, ringing and nausea I was feeling. I will let you know what the the ENT will tell me, hopefully I will get the mystery solved! Thanks again for your help. Kate, I just read about the Ménière’s disease and that is really helpful as well! I don’t feel migraines but I totally feel that some symptoms are related (this is so complicated). Did you start to feels it after your clipping?