Does this sound like aneurysm

for the past 4 months my eyes have been doing weird things, like double vision (which is only for words on the tv or like a solid colored object) and occasional flashes. ive had multiple eye scans done but they come back completely normal and healthy and they dont know whats causing it. i go to a neurologist next month. i also have noticed that i sometimes forget words, which i didnt use to do. im 18.i also get dizzy sometimes. like the last time i was dizzy was two weeks ago but it lasted a week. and i also feel like im going to throw up when i get the dizziness. anddd sometimes when i go to sleep my right hand starts twitching and it didnt use to do that. and if i sit on my leg for more than 5 minutes it goes numb and gets the prickles.


You are doing the right things; the eye exams and seeing a neurologist... were you referred to a neuro-ophthalmologist?

When you read, do you have any lines that cross-over one another?

Prayers for your right testing and diagnosis...


no just a regular neurologist. and no it doesnt!!

i was also wondering if uhh straining while constipated and being in extreme heat is dangerous..because ive dont both.