What to do?

hi, I'm a women from Sweden, when the docktor find at least 11 aneurysm in my brain i did not even was afraid or worry. But now I crying, worry, afaid and thinking all the time of my cituation. In my journal I read that my docktor say thay don't even want follow me and look if they be bigger, call a year ago about symtoms from my eyes doubbleseeng, no contrast and sometime when I type a letter on the computer the words start to flothing out in tne air. But the doctor tell me that the problem don't had to do with aneurysm, He mean that aneurysm never do any problems with eyes? But on sites about anerysm their often symptoms just from eyes.

But anyway I know that they can't do anything with some of my annies, but at least 6 they can op. or coiling? But even if thay op.or do coiling on 6-7 so i can only feel it dosen't change my situation.

I'm so down and tiered, And why start my reaction know after 4 year? Ofcause I knoe much more and feel very angry about leaving me without information, ofcause the docktor must folling me and check how much /if they growing.

Feeling sorry for my self, must because I need to talk about my situation, ventilera, get it out.

Sorry for my bad English, and my eye do it more difficult



Sorry you are going through this. If it were me I would find a doctor that would help me.

Hi Gunilla,

My aneurysm was discovered after a double vision episode that I had in March. At the time it was very small, but grew rapidly in 14 weeks. I had very bad headaches at the site of the aneurysm which was in the right carotid artery near the opthalmic artery. That was the one and only time I had the double vision. I have since had surgery, liquid embolization (onyx hd 500) on June 29, 2011.

I pray that your journey will be successful recovery. Many people live with small annie's which is what I was going to do when first diagnosed. Keep a positive outlook and follow-up with a second opinion on your situation. Keep posting on this site! Knowing you are not alone and chatting with others is a blessing. Ventilera is a great way to relieve the pressure!

Prayers and thoughts for you!


Thank's for your answer, I looking for Swedish sites but can't find anything so it's difficult when I need to ask so much, it would be so easy if I could wright in Swedish.

But anyhow I find much information and I don't feeling alone in my situation.

People care and pray and it's mean so much for me.



You are not alone. That’s why we are here is to get support and give support. I have one small Annie and scared too but having a good support will make a difference. I will pray for you too.



I would suggest you find a doctor who can insert the Pipeline Embolization Device. My doctor told me they have used as many as 17 at once. The PED is a small stent -like device that blocks blood flow to the aneurysms. They are inserted up through a vein in your leg, similar to coiling.


I had always heard that aneurysm and eyesight did not go together either; however I'm finding that isn't really true. I was told I had 3 aneurysms in Apr 2010. My eyesight has gotten worse w/ in the last 6-7 mos or so. I had an angiogram done and when I went back to my Dr. for the results and I asked him about my vision problems that seem to be getting worse-he told me that they found a 4th aneurysm in the opthalmic artery (i think it's an artery) and that can cause this vision problem. I had also originally been told that I should have my vision chkd approx every 6 mos (bcuz of the stroke i had also). I wish you the very best-and ur NOT feeling sorry for urself at all-that's why we are all here-to share and support each other:)

Hi Gunilla,

Knowing that you have 11 aneurysms would be overwhelming for anyone so don't apologize that you are worrying about your situation.

You didn't mention if you had recently had an eye examination. I recommend that you do that as soon as you can and to be sure to take any medications that you take with you. You may find that one of your mediciations may be causing the double vision (I did).

Your doctor not wanting to rush to do surgery on you may be a good sign. It gives time to evaluate and find the right solution for you. Yours is a very special case and the point you make about operating on some and leaving others is important. Will you be able to relax if you operate on some but not all? Would you want to take the risks associated with operating on multiple aneurysms? You didn't write about the sizes and whether all of the aneurysms are the same size or if one or two are especially large and others are small. That could make a big difference.

I have three aneurysms that I have known about for 35 years. I've known that I had one of them for 42 years. I recently had an angiogram and based on the sizes, etc., one is 5mm and the others are 2mm, and my doctor's opinion that they did not require urgent attention, I have again decided not to have any treatment. I plan to have a CTA next year to see if there has been any change, ie., is something happening now that wasn't happening for all those years?

My prayers will be with you as I can imagine what a difficult decision you have and how anxious you may be.

Take care.


Hi! I have lived with a 16mm Annie in cavernous sinus for 5 years. It has been monitored for that time. Finally the pipeline stent was approved in the US. I am having the surgery next week. It has been a rough road mentally, living with it. I would get a second opinion. I know your anxiety and how scary it is. This site us a wonderful support venue. Anytime you need help, we are here.


Hi Carole, thanks for your words and some question you ask about I had try myself to ask my docktor about and my feeling was that eleven aneurysm was nothing to care about. But when symtoms started with eyeproblems and I get problem with balance I ask for my medical-journal and started to read on internet about aneurysm I understand if I want some information I had to ask on forums like BAF. My aneurysm are from small 2-3mm to 8-9 mm the biggest thay had coiling (?)

The question I really want my docktor tell me is theire motivation that they don't had to follow me and look so someone of the annies not growing. His answere was that I had so many, but is't better you know if something wrong, what you do if I,m come to hospital in coma for example?

If that happend we MUST DO SOMETHING, that question and started to think on when I reading on BAF that the most of you have so much information where thay are and how big thay are, symptoms mm