Does surgery on an aneurysm change your estrogen levels?

I'm not sure how to write this discreetly, but I'll try.

I'm in my 50's, had a hysterectomy about 11yrs ago and there was some decline in my sexual level; not a huge amount but a noticeable difference. I was a little relieved about that though as I always felt like I had too much estrogen going on so it wasn't a big problem.

The problem I'm having now is that my hormones seem to have shot thru the roof after my recovery from my clipping in June of 2012. I feel like I'm an 18yr old kid and it's becoming a problem. Fortunately I've been dating someone for a few months but he's starting to feel insecure and thinks that's the only reason I'm seeing him.

It might not sound like a problem, but the intensity that it is right now is a problem!

Is this normal and has anyone else experienced this? I'm hoping this is something temporary (to a certain degree).


Hi Valerie...

Have you talked to your Gyno?...often it can come from medications, menopause, etc.,

If this aren't alone...mine has been not at its level as it was before my annie...and I am 47 years old...but some of my meds say about less sex drive, etc., ~ Colleen

thanks Colleen

I did talk to my gyn about this but she told me that there is a chance of the medication I'm on (lisinopril) lowering your sex drive but she's never heard of it increasing it. She thinks that since many things have changed with me since my preferences, music and other odd things that this could have been caused by the surgery.

Oops...I got this messed up...sorry Valerie...your's has increased...not decreased...that could be a good thing...~ <smile>

Hi Valerie,

I take it they left your ovaries intact when the hystectomy was done 11 years back? Have you talked with your GYN to see about getting an FSH reading of your ovaries to see where your hormone levels are at? I too went thru a hysterectomy at age 37 but they took my ovaries, so my outcome is in the exact opposite direction of yours--(Infact i'm feeling just a little envious! Lol) I honestly can't say if your clipping would be considered to be related but hey you never know. Doesn't hurt to ask the Neuro as well as the GYN at any rate. Take care, Janet

They took everything out with my hysterectomy Janet. I'm thinking its just some weird flukey thing that happened. It would be good if I was married but out on the dating scene it worries me. I'll check with my neurosurgeon to see what he thinks.

thanks everyone!