How do you know what doctor and hospital to choose?

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you are doing it now. You have come to this site. Talk to people here. You can look up members by where they are from. Many can tell you what to look for and what to ask. I didn't get that choice but I had one of the best Dr's up here in Boston. One very good thing not that you would consider it good. It was found before a rupture. I hope you dind all the answers you need. Please keep us informed


hi frank, us news and world report has rankings and info or you could write a forum re your area

I did a lot of online research. I talked to doctors and nurses I knew to get recommendations. I talked to friends in other states that were somehow connected to doctors to see who they would recommend in my state. In all I met with four neurosurgeons. The doc I chose happens to be a world renowned surgeon. I also researched the hospitals.


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We're in Florida( West Palm, South Florida) and do have an appointment scheduled with a neurosurgeon Just can't seem to find much info on him. Dr Ross Urwin in case anyone knows or has heard of him.

Hi Frank...I had a Immunologist...I respected and thought was the type of Doctor I would want in all fields of Medicine...when this first came about I called him and asked who he would recommend (I started with a Neurologist) ... basically saying ... "Who would you send you wife and/or kids to?" ... he gave me 2 names...I love love my Neurologist...he sent me to my if you have any doubts or time to look and you don't like who you go to...get a 2nd opinion...~ wishing you the best ~ Colleen

hi fank! is that spelled right? i couldn't find him but theres 15 in west palm, i hope this helps~

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Another great research tool is HealthGrades as well as either of these websites you can research any doctor, see how long they've been in practice, where they went to school, see comments about them, etc. It might be worth a look ! Peace, Janet

Thanks everyone, this helps point me in the right direction.

Well Monday the 6th is the day needless to say we're both getting nervous.

Best of luck!


Good Luck Frank...You have gotten a lot of good information...~ Happy New Year...~ Colleen

Thanks Terri

do research and how long and how successful the dr has been and how many patients had that surgery done.