Information List of Neurosurgeons or Neurologists

I have been meaning to ask for a long time and keep forgetting to do so.

Is there any webpage on BAF that lists and recommends in brief the names & locations and hospitals used of these doctors.

I feel it would be of help to many when in need of trying to find a doctors. Just one page where that info could be brief and to the point. I haven't found it here, but so many times, our doctors move out of the area and I personally don't like to pull a name out of the phonebook.

On top of which most neurosurgeons are more into coiling and not into craniotomies. I was not a coiling candidate so help in knowing where these neuro's are located would be of help. Just wondering, and if not, can a page for this come to be added. Thanks in advance. Off to run my errands, but had to ask.

Jeanne, Good question! Perhaps contacting the BAF and asking them would help. I dont know how easily it could be done though. It seems that any list might portray as a recommendation for those specialists, and I’m not sure a Non Profit Organization such as BAF could do that. What a lot of members do is ask for recommendations from other members in their area. I’m lucky,my Neurosurgeon, does both coiling and clipping, if I have to have her go back in, she has warned that she will probably clip next time. She explained coiling as having fewer risks, less invasive, then clipping which is why she prefers it. If I understood her correctly.

But again, just go to the BAF website and ask them if they’d be interested in compiling a list, if not of doctors, then perhaps of the hospitals? Another way is to do a search on the Internet or if you know the name of the doctor your interested in, search that doctor’s name. Oh and remember, not all Neurosurgeons do brain surgery…I have one in my rural area that hasn’t touched a brain in 20 years since moving here, but is considered by patients and professionals alike to be one of our best spinal surgeons!

I understand and do agree with you to a point. I do belong to another support group that does this, not brain related at all.

Their list is just basic. Doctors name, Town & State & type of procedures performed. Absolutely NO opinions allowed.

There are many websites that one can go to where they can "rate" their doctor and different aspects are posted for that doctor. Rating is through stars being 1=poor or 5 being Excellent.

It's basically just a reference list to make it easier when a person needs to find a neurosurgeon. For example I probably have a few hundred, if not more, within a 100 mile area of my home but not all have anything to do with any type of aneurysms. They are for tumors, brain disease, etc. Point is, I do not and cannot call all of them just to find out if they handle aneurysms and what procedure they do.''

You would be surprised how fast the list can grow just showing the basics of that doctor. It was created as a EXCEL type database.

Again, no opinions allowed on it. It sure could be helpful.


Could we set up a "group"...for name, location and date of service...w/o necessarily noting quality?

Conversely for me, I'll not list mine...I will eventually post "important " statements from my written records sequence....not by name/facility...

For Jeanne... only part I can share is that I was coiled...which means whatever is cut/sliced (dissected) is not typically visible to the public/family/friends...

I have just found visual pathways with explanations...I will put on the "Resource" section...