Doctor's today

I made it back from dr. and I asked him a lot of questions and got the answers, He said I had I only had one aneuyms, the one that he put in a stent and coiled, He said that the one that they cut my head open and put in a clip wasn’t a aneurysm, but they decieded to clip it anyhow. he didn’t see no other aneurysms, I told him how sick I have been and he said it could be a year or maybe never before I would feel good again,The nurse told me that I could not have anymore MRIs and he said I could, but he wants to do another angiogram in March, he said they show more clearly. I don’know why they put in the shant, he said that the aneuryms is a danage one. A dissectiny or blister aneurysm. He said the last angiogram in Oct. didn’t show any problems, Tomorrow it will be the kidney Doc, next day the family doc. seen like it’s all I do.