Doctor advised me to learn something new

Gosh I even forgot how to start this new discussion! After much trial and error I think I got it right!

Anyway…today my doctor advised me to “learn something new”. She said the brain will heal all the time but tlearning something new really boosts the healing power. When I asked her to give me some ideas she suggested I learn to crochet or learn a musical instrument. I cannot think of any other things I might learn to do. Any ideas?

I love to crochet! My husband wants to start a band with our daughter and her boyfriend so he bought software that I can use with my iPad to learn how to play drums. Haha. We shall see…couldn’t hurt!

To name a few there's cake decoraating, knitting , painting, ceramics, danciing, pgotography and sculpting.

Tai Chi class. Mah Jongg class. Both at my local park district. Local Michael's has lots of art/craft classes.

Play word games on the Internet!! Really works!!!

It's been over 10 years that I decided to do things that I like to do-I've also actually liked my own company if by chance I had to do these things alone..I love to sit and fish. I met allot of friendly

people out there that like to do the same. Also I'm lucky enough to live in Florida at a HOA that has an Olympic size pool where we have water aerobics twice a week for 5 months out of the year. I also enjoy

cooking and have made some real simple unique recipes that keeps my hubby of 49 yrs very happy & healthy.

Plus Every evening I play Scrabble with the world on my computer, and as I play

sometimes we chat about our different cultures etc..People from all over like Australia, England etc.

It is free and fun & mostly it gets those brain cells going. Try it and you may like handle is

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I had 3 brain aneurysms and survived thru 2 brain operations, physical, occupational & speech therapy.

I returned to work 6 months later and worked several years before I retired with no ill affects. That was

in 1995.

Good Luck to you and all who are on this great website..We all have something in common and we are all survivers. Best advice is to Keep your Mind & Body Active!

carol72 said:

To name a few there's cake decoraating, knitting , painting, ceramics, danciing, pgotography and sculpting.


Thanks so much everyone! I am a Scrabble “snob”. My dad, my sister and I always had great games. I forgot how much I loved playing it. I love word jumble puzzles, jeopardy, etc. and other word games. I was also thinking about pencil sketching. I don’t want to put a lot of $$$ out learning a new hobby. I used to be an avid quilter. I also did a lot of stained glass. Hmmmm. Maybe I should look at what I did before and see if I can re-learn these things. Have a great evening. We’re in for a hot, humid weekend here in Toronto. Finally having good weather. Blessings to all and thanks again for giving me ideas.

OOOOPS! Just burned dinner! I cannot do two things at once! Ugh!

I joined lumosity after finishing neuro rehab because I had played some of the games there. 6 months later at the age of 49 I returned to college online to obtain my BSN. I am already a registered nurse but my employer required this. It has probably been one of the best thing I have done to continue recovering from my aSAH!

I play words with friends and trivia crack , this one makes you think .
It’ll be 17 years in July since my bleed . after losing my job I went back to school . it was hard at first because I couldn’t even remember how to add or subtract 3 digit #'s . well I took algebra and trig . I did them in high school so what the heck . it took a while but some how it was all still there . I got a B in algebra and an A in trig . everything helps keep pushing yourself everyday . I even started to play the guitar again ( not so good ) but I still try . I can remember the first song I ever learned to play when I was 12 ( 43 now ) but that’s the only one I remember but that’s OK with me I still try

Cathy, good afternoon.

I sugest to make crooswords or just write all of your feelings and experiences about all of this; this it will help you to take out all of your feelings, and it Works! I assure it.

My best wishes

Miguel Rodríguez

Of all the activities I tried to occupy my time after my rupture, the word find puzzles were the best for me. I also play solitaire and mahjong on the computer. Anything that makes you think and uses your brain power is good. I also love to read (this was difficult right after the bleed because it took me a long time to concentrate). I just made baby afghans for my granddaughters' dolls. They loved them. It helps with the process of healing to stay as busy as you can. Good luck.

I have always sewed but had to do some refresher things to jog my memory on how to do stuff. I also took a beginning quilting class. I am now teaching my 9 yr old granddaughter to sew. That is a study in patience for both of us.

Again many thanks to all of you for your suggestions. Today was a good day for me. I wasn’t as exhausted as I usually am. I didn’t do a lot of talking. I didn’t socialize with family or friends today. Just stayed home and did my own thing. And, of course, read your responses. You are all such a great support. Hopefully I can support you too one day.

photography and learning how to load pics on to computer and facebook, facebook is awesome, lots of games like scrabble and yahtzee etc etc, also i chat here there and everywhere, ttrying to remember names, places and issues is a real chsllenge,i also cook, getting recipes off the internet but sometimes i need help cause i cannot stand more than a half hour, tc

You might enjoy painting with watercolor. The equipment doesn’t cost the earth or take up much room.

I agree. There's a lot available on Facebook. But I can only do it for a little while. Then I am ready to pull my hair out. It's interesting, that I have been knitting many years. I had told my granddaughter that I would finish a project for her before the Winter. I decided to get to it several days ago. I'm finding that I now have problems knitting (managing the needles and yarn). I ran out of patience with it. I'll try it again after a while. I just never expected that to happen She wants this by Christmas.So I hope I'll improve by then.

I've been considering these things too, I've heard that puzzle books and crosswords are good for learning and helping the brain, but also learning a new language, trying new hobbies and crafts, perhaps looking at creative outlets like painting or drawing. I've been thinking of looking for someone that will teach this old one piano lessons, but I don't have a piano so I guess that is not very sensible. :D Best wishes for you in finding something, that you enjoy and like to do. I keep meaning to keep a journal but get distracted scand lose the what I wrote down. Hopefully we will all get better at finding what we enjoy and that stretches our mind and spirit.

Hi Carol,

Your post made me think. Before my aneurysm, I loved to cross stitch. I made many, many projects, most of them I gave away as gifts. I did, fortunately, keep a few for myself. After the aneurysm, I couldn't get excited about continuing this hobby. My books, materials, and thread have been in my craft closet for almost eight years. I have no interest in doing that anymore. I attribute that disinterest to the brain bleed. Funny how our brains change, isn't it? Good luck with getting your project done. I know your granddaughter will appreciate your efforts.

I knitted for charity, and for gifts . This one is a big project. It is a Christmas scene with knitted stand up figures. I did enough of it to give her last year. I need to complete it for this year. I can't seem to get my hands to work the same. Mystified! I run out of patience with myself.