Retrain your brain

I know I ask a lot of questions and I’m sorry for that but since I decided to go ahead with the clipping, I feel like the more I know the better I’ll be. So, today’s question is, did any of you have to do little things to retrain your brain? Like simple, crossword puzzles, word, searches, matching car, games, and so on? I have heard it helps

Don’t worry about the number of questions you ask, it’s how we all learn and share!

Since I’m in the “popped my pipe” club, I’ve definitely had to retrain my brain and it takes a lot of time depending on how much damage has been done. I’ve got a lot. I tried doing sudoku, a game I loved and at first I just couldn’t figure it out but now I play two daily challenges! I also play Wordle with four others every day, it’s a way we check in, send encouragement with gifs and something nice to say as well as Waffle. My ST had me doing some games her children were doing to help with remembering words and math, crossword games are good as well. I also picked up a game I used to play, it has helped with figuring out patterns, couldn’t do it the first year but now I can, so I get to see improvement. I also walk every day. If it’s raining, I walk in the house. Unless like now, one of our dogs is on leash detention, then walking in the rain is a necessity :weary::joy:. Exercise is fundamental in helping our brains believe it or not.

I did Tai Chi to help with balance and many members here do yoga. I cannot begin to tell you how much it helped. I used to walk like a drunken sailor, fell numerous times which makes both your Neurologist and Neurosurgeon quite concerned not to mention your PCP. We used to laugh that if I was ever pulled over and had to walk a line, or stand on one foot for a sobriety test, I’d definitely fail but couldn’t get the words out to explain to the Officer why. Fortunately BH and our friends said they’d come bail me out, unless I really was drunk and then I would have to suffer the consequences.

Don’t forget to do a hobby you love, whatever that may be as it helps our self esteem and feelings of accomplishment. It also helps with problem solving skills. If you don’t t have a hobby yet, it’s a good time to explore different ones. I had an Aunt that picked up painting after her ischemic stroke in her early 70’s and she painted for another 14 years. She became quite good at it too. I like wood, so I do a bit of Kolrosing, carving and pyrography but I have had to relearn these and I’m back in the beginning stage. As my wonderful handyman often tells me, “It’s all good”.

How long before you started driving?

I was able to drive about two miles but that took several months, remember I ruptured so it’s a bit different. My Neurosurgeon said I couldn’t drive unless I was comfortable as a passenger. I had lost all peripheral vision and it took a bit of time to get used to it. I’ve apparently regained most of it back since my stent was put in. There are some States that have laws about driving after brain surgery, you will need to check yours. I think California has the person reapplying as the surgeon has to send a letter to DMV saying one had surgery and they take your license. I learned that here from another member.

@Abbycat70 I had to do memory exercises, speech therapy, repetitive movement, my arms and legs know the movement they forget, writing, reading, working on focus and understanding. Nothing wrong with exercising the brain, but make sure it’s broken down into chunks because you don’t want to overload. I do that and I shut down. You may be different, but chunking is highly recommended.:slight_smile:

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I started driving around town and only once or twice during the week. When I felt comfortable, I increased the driving to 3 or 4 times during the week. I only started driving out of town in January. Everyone is different. It’s how we react to the stimuli around us and if you can solely focus on driving. Like I said everyone is different. I do not drive when I am dizzy from the change in weather or if I know the weather is going to change. I am really sensitive to that. :smiley: