Dizzy! Dizzy! Dizzy!

Hi all. Haven't been on too often. Computer went to heaven and had to buy a new one. I hope all is well with every one! I am 14 weeks post op and am having some major episodes of dizziness and it is scaring the heck out of me. I hadn't had an episode for about a week, than BAM, at work last night and it hit. My legs went to rubber and I felt like I was going to pass out. Thank g-d I was working in the ICU and my patient was on life support so he was knocked out so I grabbed on to the patients bed rail for about 5 minutes so I could get some balance back. This happened a few weeks ago and I called my Neurosurgeon and he really pissed me off to be honest. He was like you are too far out of surgery for this to be happening. I really don;t know what to tell you. I was like WHAT! He is not interested in doing and MRA. So to make a long story short. I still see the ENT once a month because I ended up with a CSF leak. He told me to have the ENT to check my ears. WTF is going on here. The ENT is sending me to the dizziness and balance clinic. I am getting a little concerned.

I was just wondering is anyone have dizziness after there crainiotomy? Have you gotten an intelligent answer from your doctor of what it could be? I just feel like I shouldn't be having this 14 weeks post op. I am so scared something is wrong and I have to go back to surgery. Any input would be great!

sorry to hear your having problems…my rupture was back in oct 09 and sometimes even now i can get up too quickly and gey like a whoa moment,my legs didnt go to rubbery status…but ended up having to get on blood pressure meds and they happen alot less…hope you get some answers soon…i was able to call the nurse of my surgeon and she helped immensely…intervention radiologist was the one who performed my angio coiling…good luck sweety and prayers coming ur way!

Hi Sweetie…from someone who has dealt with dizzy before my annie…I was told…it was vertigo…now I wonder if it was the annie causing all the dizzy…I truly donot think Neurosurgeons deal with anything but the surgery…sad, but true…before I got a Neurosurgeon, I had a Neurologist…and he is my life support…he is helping me with anything since the surgery…I suggest you find a neurologist…if you find the right one…I think they could help you out…and trust me…I am a bit tired of Doctors these days…but I have had a funny sensation in my right arm since my surgery…and Neurosurgeon wouldn’t even deal with it…yet I never had it … until I woke out of the induced coma…now 3 months later still dealing with…and I am seeing my neurologist on Thursday about it…I am hoping they can help you with the dizzy…and trust me…I know … it can be the worse…and I will say a silent prayer right this moment that someone will help you…Cyber ~ Hugs out your way…Colleen

did you have a stroke???/ look up symptoms after stroke…one of the BIG ones is dizziness …no one told me that,they said I was depressed…haha now having surgery (#4 tomorrow morning…I really don’t know who or what to trust anymore…I am 9 months post surgery on the last one to put in a stent where they had coiled before…

Don’t think I had a stroke. I had a crainotomy for a left opthalmic aneurysm and then surgery 5 days later for a csf leak. Why are you having surgery again judy? I hope that everything goes well with you.

Hi!!! I haven’t been on here since the last time I tried to get ahold of you and I am so glad I decided to check again!!! That is ridiculous that he won’t check you…I have a long story myself about all that too! Anyhow, I am sure you are busy but I would love to meet up and talk about everything!! I also have the lake county fairgrounds on hold for sept 4 and wanted to talk to you about the big fundraising event!! I haven’t done anything but get some info and pencil in a date! I would love to meet up for lunch/dinner or whatever is convenient for you so we can talk!!! Let me know what you think!!

Meleah, if you are not happy with the way your doctor is treating you please get a second opinion and trust how you feel-everyone should. I know everyone is not a doctor, but it is your body and everyone knows their own normal feelings.

evidently the stent is defective and the annie has grown…they attempted to coil but they kept falling out…had a stroke during procedure…NOT FUN!!! so back on the 31st of this month to try something else…Seurgon said he has never seen a stent act this way…won’t hold coils in…prayers appreciated…I too had an annie on the left optthalmic. also had (so they say a leak) I am just so sick and tired of being sick and tired…hope your feeling better…sending prayers for all of us…

OH BOY! This is right up my path to recovery. My whole 'adventure' began with a car accident (whiplash) from which I didn't recover. I had a blinding and very sudden headache that ended as quickly as it came, but afterwards I couldn't spell the simple word 'and' and developed severe dizziness. I laid in a chair with my eyes closed and tried to move only inches for months. Sound like what you wish you could do? My internist sent me to the ENT who prescribed vestibular therapy. It helped. Really it did, but it took extreme concentration on rehab. Vestibular therapist said to explain to folks that it was like living life on a balance beam, very tiring. I'd break out in a sweat. The room would rock, not whirl. My concentration level would plummet. Several years have passed and the dizziness has lessened; however, it comes back, if I get tired or hungry. A surgical stroke was forced during the craniotomy. My internist says she tells her stroke patients not to get tired or hungry. I've found the dizziness lessens if I follow that advice. It's been two years since my operation. I began with one activity a day and have worked up to two activities.

I'm wondering about the fatigue. Dizziness and fatigue are a combination that will lay me out. It seems to come in two ways--fatigue causes the dizziness or I don't eat properly and it occurs. I'm wondering if the fatigue happens because I've lost so much conditioning. Right now, I'm considering dropping the gym membership because an hour of exercise is just too much. Two years have gone by and I'm just to the point where I can walk 5 minutes three times a day. Has anyone else experience with this? I understand we won't have exactly the same causes or results, but some information on others experiences would be helpful.

I understand your frustration! My surgeon says the same types of comments. "You've been treated, you have no limitations." or "It's been too long since your surgery...the headaches and symptoms your having can't be related to the aneurysm or coiling." It's like they've done THEIR job so now WE should be perfect!?!

Yes I do suffer from dizziness. I had my surgery on 2/24/10. Sometimes it's a "Whoa!" moment but it's mostly in my head. My legs don't feel rubbery. A lot of the time I just have a general dizzy feeling, which may be some of the meds I'm taking? I do have a Neurologist. I recently changed Dr.'s and now my new Neurologist says one of the meds the other guy was giving me was making my headaches worse! (rebound headaches) This whole experience really makes me question Dr.'s many of them don't listen.

I know I didn't have a crainiotomy like you my aneurysm was coiled... but if you feel scared or concerned go with your gut and get checked!

Good Luck!


I’m in the midst of a 3 day migraine, spoke w my neuro yesterday, and he also re-educated me about rebound headaches from things like vicodin, even advil or tylenol. I’m going to try Amerge - I had a bad reaction to Imitrex, so I’m nervous to try Amerge (same class of meds) but he thinks I’ll be fine. But he also said that tooooooo many people don’t understand about rebound headaches, and they inadvertently make their headaches worse.

The stuff I was taking is called Midrin. It did help when I took it but probably because it knocked me out for hours!?! But after that…headache was back. Now I’m trying Aleve. Not supposed to cause rebounds but not working very well for headaches either.