Did i have a seizure?

Hello everyone and good morning too all! I have a question I am hoping someone can answer. I woke up, well sort of woke up I was kind of out of it I guess, and my teeth were clamped down very hard on my entire tongue. I was moaning and could not unclamp my teeth from my tongue. That is all I really remember about it as it was in the middle of the night and my son who was on the couch said I was moaning really loud. Did I have a seizure? I am on seizure meds as I just had a aneurysm rupture and coiled on May 14th and had a large seizure with that. Should I call my doc? or just wait and see. I had a very bad headache all day yesterday and woke up with a headache as well with some nausea as well. My husband is worried I had a seizure which I did not even think of when I told him about me biting my tongue and moaning. I just thought I bit my tongue but I remember I was half awake and could not open my teeth from my tongue? What should I do? Oh and I have 2 other aneurysms they need to fix but are waiting til I am stable enough. Thanks for any advise...luv ya all and God bless.

Will they still be able to see. This happened at like 2am in the morning and it is now 930am here? I will go right now if they can still tell??!!

Hi Melissa,

Please go to the doctor or hospital as Elke suggested. There are tests that they can perform to determine if you’d had a seizure. They also need to see if there is something else going on.

Seizures, especially the type that you described, should be taken seriously. If you are not accustomed to having and managing seizures, you should go to the hospital. Because my seizures are infrequent and because I also have unruptured aneurysm, I have always gone to the ER when I’ve had a seizure.

I will pray with you that this is not an indicator of anything more serious than a post operative seizure disorder and that you will be able to control them with medication.

May God be with you.


You got good advice from Elke and Carole...

~ seek medical attention...Cyber~prayers your way ... Colleen